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Buying Farmland in the Carolinas

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  • Buying Farmland in the Carolinas


    where can I find land, which mainly would be used for corn, soy beans, cotton (maybe), possibly blueberries and/or strawberries in North Carolina/South Carolina?

    If you have interest or more information it would be great if you would give me a call at (252) 249-1001 between 9am-5pm or give me your phone number with a good time for you (in a Personal Message). If you prefer Email then you can give me that too, if you want.

    Thank you so much

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    netlike I don"t believe any of ower bunch knows anybody in the Carolinas but maybe some one reading in that area will chim in ----good luck----------------------dave


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      seems kind of bold, somebody this deperate to trade their fictional dollars for real wealth, dollars.

      wonder if people ever think about, come here little child and trade me your land, dirt, for some paper worth, nothing.

      isnt their a advertising section some place on ad web, or fleecing of the sheep section?
      maybe its under, seducing children to be in a military to join the lynch mob military in the war of the rich on the poor?
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        Originally posted by davidm479 View Post
        netlike I don"t believe any of ower bunch knows anybody in the Carolinas but maybe some one reading in that area will chim in ----good luck----------------------dave
        Thank you

        @ joe_alzado
        I didn't want to offend any body. I just thought it would be worth a try and I might get lucky. And your post makes no sense in my opinion. But there are always productive replies and reproductive replies and yours is definitive second!


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          ROTFLMAO! Doesn't take long to get Alzado figured out.


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            Netlike, NC is a beautiful state and one of the tops in ag especially hog production in top three. My brother in law lives in Banner Elk in the mountains. When he moved there he put in a lot of berry plants. Later he saw all of the Black Bears eating the berries. He pulled all of them up and still feeds them on a control feeding program.


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              WE like to reflect, people fled Europe originally, in search of life, liberty, and PROPERTY.

              NOW the UNITED STATES is coming to be ERUOPE, a few, thanks to the tax breaks for the rich, own all the wealth (land), and the rest are slaves.
              We cant see why anybody would want to be a slave, willingly, that is, not own the land, but be a mere slave of those that do own the land, and thats the point of, questioning the issue. Todays modern day slaves, are to bring their own tools, Or CAPITAL. But they arent to own the real captial, the land.

              NOR can we understand, why people would reliquish, their wealth, land, for fictional wealth, dollars, when they should know, the government is going to ceaze alll the fictional wealth from the slaves, to maintain its fictional existence.


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                Alzado,Alzado,Alzado, did your wives get those limber green switches I sent them, it is time or them to beat your a$$! Did you get insurance on Abu yet? I hear the drones are using camels for target practice. They are testing the engines in North Missouri tonight, must be getting ready to turn the Middle East to Glass. Adios Amigo. John aka Infidel


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                  Lets make two comparisons here.

                  Netlike verse some young person with a desire to engage and be a true, farmer in the US, the potential next generation...

                  Now lets define the stupidist, most ignorant person alive today, a young, enterprising person with a heart to venture out and, engage agriculture production as the, classic farmer, trying to buy farmland in the Carolinas competing against the High and mighty Mr lIcknet.

                  Now who really needs thier a$$ whipped, or should we say their brain examined MORE than anybody thats "thinks" they are going to be a farmer in todays world of mr nelick buying up the land and looking for slaves to humpit and be their slave?

                  Its a reality check grasshopper, you have to admit, we have one big point, the most ignorant person today, is those that get into farming. OR,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,getting your child into farming today, is ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Child abuse...
                  If you get yourself in, its self abuse.............


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                    Alzado,Alzado,Alzado do you consider strapping a bomber vest on a child "child abuse". LMAO! John aka infidel


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                      If your operation is financially stable there is nothing wrong with getting the next generation into farming if they have the passion and drive. Farming is something you must want to do, too many times you see the next generation set up nice but they let their crops suffer and soon enough there is a farm sale because the no fail situation ended up going down the drain. alzado needs to drive his car full of explosives into a forest somewhere and put himself out of his misery where he can't hurt others!


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                        Thank you so much for all the intresting responds. I was just looing for a person who could tell me where I can find some land. Thats it. I don't need offensiv comments which offend me. But all the other ones were helpfull. But if someone still know somebody I would be glad for a respond.


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                          Look around greenville. It can grow anything ,and usually gets a good bit of rain. there are a no of small communities there also. Very good people. Unlike alzado . He needs to get back on his thorazine.But go to Greenville and go south.. be prepared to pay.


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                            Netlike, are you from another country (not the U.S.)? Not that it matters, just curious.


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                              I would be glad, no...estatic, to relieve you from your duties as a "farmer" AND take all your debt also. I can't think of a more perfect time to get into production agriculture since the beginning of time. Feel free to get ahold of me whenever you would like to switch me jobs. Don't forget that you will have a boss breathing down your neck demanding performance.