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    To John,

    I see by the results that Farm Journal doesn't give a rat’s A S S about the AgWeb portion. Really disappointing to see what was a good agricultural web discussion site fall to the level it is today.


    John Herath
    News Director
    Farm Journal Media
    54516 State Route 933 N
    South Bend, IN 46637

    Office: (574) 309-9802
    Cell: (618) 334-1925
    Fax: (574) 232-8052
    [email protected]

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    So what should we do Dennis call that # an ask why this site has been abandon ? ? ?


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      I think they want all of us to go away and start with a fresh bunch. Don't know why they don't just shut it down. Sure enjoyed it for a few years there.


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        Maybe someone should ask Chip Flory live on Market Rally and see what his excuse for ag web is. After all, he wears Farm Journal underwear.


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          I guess they don't owe me anything. I did quit taking their magazine.


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            Its more correct to admit that USA agriculture is a dead issue. The United States does not raise food for human existence, but rather in cost savings and avoidance of production costs as liability insurance, being sued, government compliance to chemicals that are giving farmers cancer and illnesses at alarming rates, no reason exists for USA agriculture, farmers. Farm Family is a dead issue as well. For in summary, getting a child into farming is child abuse. What, borrow money to start farming? Sheer insanity...

            The USA gets its food from imports. Feeding a hungry World is now a big lie, as it always has been. For the USA major export is arms to murder humans, and the USA is wiping millions of humans off the face of the Earth in military blockades starving millions to death, on purpose. Yemen alone, near twenty million exterminated by the USA Blockade imposed, after the USA gave millions in arms to Yemen. The USA Imposed a blockade on Yemen preventing other nations from giving food to Yemen, to starve millions to death..

            The USA no longer produces food for humans, Feeding a hungry world, is a big lie. Always has been.
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              stick to the thread jihad joeseph


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                No doubt exists, the USA middle class, and Family farm family, has been wiped out? We all agree on that?
                Coming down to the, the USA federal government exists for no reason in regard to the four thousand year rule of protecting the poor from the rich.