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Huge Demand of Bio Fertilizer in Europe

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  • Huge Demand of Bio Fertilizer in Europe

    The booming economy in several Europe countries has increased the bargaining power of consumers, which has resulted in an increase in the demand for organic products. Thus, the Europe region is the emerging market in the global industry.

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    Biofertilizers, unlike chemical fertilizers, are not harmful to crops because they contain microorganisms that help to make the soil fertile. Microorganisms in these products help to increase the nutrient levels in plants. They are also environment-friendly and do not pollute. Application of biofertilizers in the soil makes plants healthy and protects them from diseases. They improve crop yields by making the soil nutrient-rich. Biofertilizers do not release harmful chemicals in soil, which helps in retaining soil fertility, which in turn, will be beneficial for the plants as well as the environment. They also destroy chemical components in soil, which cause diseases in the plants.

    The bio fertilizers market in Europe can be segmented by company, macroindicator, and application. The major companies include Agri Life, Ajay Bio-Tech (India) Ltd., Antibiotice S.A., Biomax, CBF China BF AG, Growing Power Hairy Hill, Labiofam S.A., and so on.