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  • Soybean blender

    So I have two twelve thousand bushel bins. One is full of soybeans that range in moisture from 13.0% to 17.0% moisture. The other bin is full of soybeans that range in moisture from 13.0% to 10.0% moisture. The river terminals like to really dock when soybeans are over 13% moisture.

    Running a fan to drop the moisture on soybeans that have been harvested before they were ever down to 13% moisture to begin with is a joke up Nort here. You need heat. So what to do?

    Dig the change out from under the seat of the pickup, go to town and buy an old 6" Feteral auger like we used to have back in the 60's and 70's.


    This old auger has made me more money this past week than anything I have bought in the past ten years. The bonus is that the 10" truck load out auger is now running really full. Truck gets full in less than 10 time to pee.

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    That is called spiking when it comes off the farm, only elevator managers can blend grains "legally" lol


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      Spiking? Never heard of it. That sounds like a Kansas law.

      A elevator manager better come run the combine, soybeans will range in moisture from 8% to 17% in half a round here...that's blending.

      There are 5 different fields in the two bins...that's blending.


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        oh yeah, you have never driven a truck either... lol When the wet spot goes in the corner or where ever the sample tube never gets to... another lol...

        I'm just saying that is what I have been told, managers say the loads are spiked...but the blend...same as you are doing 82, we have done some "blending" when the bin full was above
        and went on the grain cart to be "blended" with the drier stuff expected on the next bin full...elevators do it for test weights and protein too.


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