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Acres are off on a 7120.

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  • Acres are off on a 7120.

    I have a 7120 combine. Always have been spot on with the acres. This year I rented a 30 ft bean head. Acre were ok on that but when I went back to by 8 row 30 head I am off by about 20 %.
    Row width is in the monitor at 30 and the rows are listed as 8. Ground speed looks OK.
    What am I missing?

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    Don't get tripped by what's behind you


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      iadave - are you running the Pro 700 IH monitor ? I took mine out and put in my Ag Leader - On that monitor I have to enter feet - 20 for the corn head - I have a 30 foot platform - I have since changed mine from 30 to 28 ( don't have autosteer ) and found that works better on mine .

      Beats me - Maybe Root is right


      • #4 rows and width...truck driver with log book and eraser, but it happens...


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          I think mine is a 600. Had several new versions of software added so I don't know which is in it now. Thanks I will re enter row number and width. If that doesn't work I may change overlap. I know it has overlap for the bean head so I assume it does for the corn head. Second thought it is reading acres low I wonder if they have a spot to enter "gap"! LOL
          I am running the setting that doesn't count overlapped areas.
          Thanks for the help guys!


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            Just a quick update. Just did a field and it came out within 5% of the planter. Don't know what changed.