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I had to relearn some stuff!

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  • I had to relearn some stuff!

    When the kids need something fixed I always tell them to fix the cheap and easy stuff first.
    Well the end of last week my driver said his truck wouldn't start. I didn't even check it. The batteries were old and the starter was the factory one. 12 years old and around 800,000 miles. We fixed the other trucks Saturday and Sunday in case we needed parts.
    Sunday evening I started on the batteries, nope, no luck. I still didn't check things out. I just put on the starter. Of course on the Mercedes it is under and behind the exhaust and also under the Turbo brake actuator. Fun times. Any way the new starter is a little bigger plus has 2 solenoids, YES, 2.
    Of course the bigger starter has to fit the same holes so we have to find the thin wall sockets. Then the exciter wire in now under the frame rail and just the length of the attachment screw away from the rail. Only 2 hours to get that baby hooked up! Hit the switch, just a click.
    I spent an hour and a half unhooking the exciter wire. Sure enough no juice! Of course by now the driver is ready to leave!
    So after I work about 10 hours on this deal the kid comes along and has it running in about 15 minutes! LOL ( I don't care if he rubs it in, I still got him to fix it! LOL)

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    Dave , How do you like the Mercedes ?
    Got a friend who has one in a Western Star Michigan log truck . The engine seems good but it lacks power and torque . Not sure exactly what size it is though .


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      I have a Mercedes in a 2005 M112 Freightliner, I really like the motor. I bought the truck used from a jockey with pretty much no history of course, so as far as I know the motor is set at 450 hp,

      I buy the MN 90,0000 lbs.6 axle overweight ag permit, and we have some hills on our route to the river, so my Mercedes isn't being babied. I never feel I'm in the way for lack of power or torque. I feel the motor has the hp my truck jockey buddy claimed...maybe even a little more, and it has great torque IMO. I have never had it hooked up to a computer to confirm the hp but I can out pull most 379's spec'd with the mighty Cat motor in the hills grossing more weight than they have on.

      The odometer shows 495,000 miles, the motor takes no oil, it gets good fuel mileage, it could throw a rod or worse the next trip like any brand motor. The only repair I have done to the motor is put on a new air conditioner compressor. You can't just cut the belt and run with the windows rolled down with this truck when it locks up...I hate serpentine belts.

      I'm just a hobby hauler anymore so I don't put the miles on like I used to when I was trucking to earn money so I could buy diapers and food for the kids, so my Mercedes motor review is probably worth what you paid for it.
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        Actually you can run without that belt. I wasn't to happy but didn't have a choice. The account I was on was worth more than the motor so I took the chance. I ran 400+ miles that way in the Ozarks grossing 80,000+ for over 200 of those. That was 500,000 miles ago.
        If you get the pre egr engines they have more low end and get better fuel mileage. If you have a power problem it may be the boost Temp/ pressure sensor in the intake manifold.
        The one I own ( licensed as on 06 but the vin comes back 04) Makes power from 1,000 rpm up until about 1500. If it quits winding up at 1500 shift up and most of the time it will pick up speed.
        The one I drive is an 05. It pulls good from 1000 on up. It is real strong from 1600-1700. The 06 with Egr will pull down low but is weaker there. If you hit a hill at 1750 you probably will not slow down.
        So there it is 4 trucks with basically the same spec and all 4 drive different.
        FYI. I just made a round trip van load from Omaha to Chicago with 2 stop PU in Chicago 50 miles apart on surface streets. Drop in Omaha with a pickup across town and one load of farm grain on that tank. Cruise speed of around 70 on the interstate. Fuel consumed was 133 gallon. 7.2 MPG on the odometer which is probably low as that run is close to 1,000 miles in the other trucks without the farm load. I showed 957.
        Non EGR ones are very quiet. Egr ones are noisier but quiet enough that the guy who drives the Detroit didn't notice the flex pipe behind the turbo was missing on one with egr! LOL
        One other note. If it is going to sit the EGR valve may seize up. They can be cleaned and lubed or I think around $150-160 bucks will get a new one. 10 minutes to replace.
        I guess I would say we are pretty happy with them. The worst problem is mechanics either don't know what they are doing if you go to a shop or are just plain dishonest.The local dealer told us we needed a new engine when all we needed was the EGR valve.
        I will say that 550 Detroit has more giddiyap if it is wound up. It also would have gotten between 4 and 5 on that trip.
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          You all just need different mechanics...


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            Originally posted by dennis1 View Post
            You all just need different mechanics...

            Those boys musta been born on a dairy!!


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              I have seen that crew before! They run a bunch of semis around Chicago!


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                I'm pretty sure I hauled dirt with a couple of them not so long ago.

                I could never figure out how most of the people I was hauling alongside had current DOT inspection stickers on their trucks. MNDOT set up a sting one morning on our haul route, by 10:00 AM there was me and three other guys left out of about 50 trucks hauling. Turns out most of the crews "inspector" was printing DOT inspection stickers at a local print shop and just mailing them to people.

                This "inspector" had a pretty good gig going, it wasn't just dirt haulers he mailed stickers to. MNDOT ran a segment on all the local TV news channels for a couple days, and ran articles in many local papers informing people the gig was up, and they better get a real safety inspection done on their trucks and trailers.

                This inspector lived not to far away from us, he used to haul grain back in the day for a couple years. He had to quit hauling grain when a couple neighbors discovered he had a few bin rings setup in sheds on his place full of corn and soybeans. He had no tillable acres, and had never bought any grain from anyone. The discovery of the bin rings pretty much ended any grain hauler loading up in the evening and taking the load home so they could get going early the next morning around here for quite awhile.


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                  I saw a guy like him years back. He had a hole cut in his back slop about 1/2 way up. Then had a sealed compartment underneath. I was talking to one of the guys he was hauling for and he said he knew about it. The guy told him he just used that as a mark to load the trailer by. The farmer he was hauling for remarked that he was hauling so cheap he didn't care if he was stealing corn.


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                    Buddy does cat work for road builder working up in 82's neighborhood. They had 50 trucks working job Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday 25 trucks he asked foreman what happened mndot was in area pulling them over, Thursday 5 trucks asked what happened again reply was "drug test". Never seen any of those trucks that disappeared on that site again
                    Don't get tripped by what's behind you