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iron prices for POS IHs

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    One thing I will say about the 8630 is that it had a good clutch

    That's because they didn't have enough power to jerk it out ! lmao


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      Originally posted by 82 View Post
      We had 8630, what a POS. It just was. Ours was never worked real hard either. I'm guessing there is about an equal number 70's early 80's red tractors still working around here as green...there might even be a few more red tractors working yet.

      30 series Deere tractors have a very poor reputation around here. Weak rear ends, no torque motors that didn't last, and used ALOT of fuel. The 40 series weren't much better, they might even have worse fuel consumption. I personally never liked the "legendary" sound guard cab. There was no room to carry a lunch box in the cab easily...but then you had run home for fuel before noon so you could just eat lunch in the house. Case had a waaaaay better cab than any manufacturer did back then. That's right, there are a fair amount of Case tractors still working everyday around here yet.
      I owned a 2590 for 3 years and never put enough hours on it to justify an oil change.I paid almost twice in repairs as what I paid for the tractor.You can save yourself into bankruptcy.


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        Sounds like our 8630.

        I still have a 2590, I use to have two, it has a little under 7000 hours on it, I think we've had it for about 22 time goes.

        I'm going to sell it on Steffes September auction, I just don't have a need for it anymore. Someone is going to get a pretty decent old tractor for not a lot of money.


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          FREE ADVERTISING LMAO... If Harvey doesn't drift to far nort, 479 might want to take a look!


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            Oh I've lit the 479 Case fire already dennis. Case buyers are fewer and further between now days. Just thought I'd stoke the fire a little on this thread.

            I'm also putting my 4490 on the sale. Cold AC, the four wheel steer works, and PTO. Ole 479 could use my 4490 as a donor tractor to bring his back to life, or run mine until it dies and hope between the two he can get one running again.

            I'm just hoping the fire ants don't screw up 479's internet connection when he's placing the high bids.