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    FR , Do you know , is the drive line on the 5209 NI haybine American or metric ? I got one too and need to get a new yoke that attaches to the PTO . Can always call the dealer but thought may be able to get one from a parts book a lot cheaper .
    I guess the haybine is O.K. but I won't buy another one . Had a JD before this one . Got sticker shock when I started looking for a new one many years ago so bought a NI . It was cheaper . And it is . They may be o.k. for the weekend farmer or the horse farmer but , IMHO , the quality is just not there for the guy with lots of hay and timelines to get it done in . But then maybe the quality is not there anymore on the JD or NH either .

    Any help is appreciated . Thanks .


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      The quality in JD and NH discbines (I assume haybines also) is there but they are not one bit shy to make you pay for it. My 13' NH discbine final price was $28,000 ($32,000 list?) about 5 years ago. Far and away the most expensive machine on my farm.JD was a bit narrower but even higher priced.
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        Ours is earlier model so still use standard wrenches. Mine is old enough the turtles fixed individually but if we break the drive shaft that runs them we're screwed, the newer models have a short shaft for each turtle connect to each other. We cut maybe 120 ac (40 x 3 crops) a year. Most is rough ground that used to be pasture that needed new fence that cost more than the cattle it kept in .
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