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  • Corn experts needed

    We saw this and watched the videos...the cih vid with corn pans, of course the salesman
    said it was a NO photo shop or chop...what some of us next to the desert are thinking,
    with economy etc, and the "ability" to run the combine at any angle to at 15in rows...
    nitrogen in the middle...unless WE don't get enough N on, would be one pass with air seeder..(???)

    Tell us/ME all the NOT shown down falls

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    Well for one thing - Our stalks are to big to go threw that little opening - lol


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      What little opening you talking about?


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        I wouldn't plant corn with an air seeder. Especially in the desert.

        A question for the guy in the first video on the manufacturers website is why in the sam hill didn't you get the corn picked in the fall? It looked like about a 20% loss at least due to broken stalks.

        To me it looked like they were running quite a few leaners, and broken stalks down and not getting the cob. It was hard to tell. They never did take a good video shot behind the combine after with all the trash brushed away. It looked like they were running cows in the stalks in a couple of the videos so maybe they didn't mind.

        We've tried harvesting corn with straight cut, and flex heads in the past. It does not work very good. Everything above the cob goes through the machine. The biggest problem we encounterd was the amount of trash going through the machine when you have 8-12 foot tall corn with a whole bunch of leafs hanging on to the stalk. The guy from Canada said it was "real tough, tough slugging". I don't doubt it.

        Another thought is in down corn if you are wanting to get the majority of the cobs and running the head right on the ground those pans would turn that draper into a 40 foot dozer.

        Another thought is all the videos show them going in dusty dry conditions. We have dew or melting frost until afternoon sometimes, it's whole nother world when the leafs and stalks are wet. I mentioned the high volume of trash above. All that wet trash going into the machine on a wet morning will really test your faith...if you can get the trash into the machine. I guess you could always weld the slip clutch solid on the feeder house, but then that only leads to more pain.

        Another thought is you would want to drive exactly straight. It looks the head would turn into a dozer on one end or the other...or the whole head, trying to make even a subtle curve.

        In the fourth video I think it was you could see standing stalks with cobs left on them behind the machine.

        I would want to walk behind one for half a day in different conditions and hybrids before I sell my corn head.


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          Another thought. The guy from Canada spent $12,000.00. That will buy a pretty decent corn head for your 8820 now days dennis.


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            Seems like a lot of residue going through.


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              Do you really think there is anyone here on AW that qualifies ???



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                I'm still looking and listening, but will tell you that I have run more corn with the 8820 with a row crop head than with a corn I've run some material through the ole girl...NOTHing
                like what goes through in good strawed wheat waste high making in excess of 60 bu/A...don't believe me, count and weigh the bales...

                We have to pick our hours and days with wheat, milo and soybean, why should corn be different other than we don'/didn't know any better.

                The original idea was using A CIH combine, so that is the only video I have watched, the crop lifters can be attached at the end of the pan...just
                say'n, for a dry lander, I didn't see the ears...oh, sale price for 30 ft was $11000 for 15inch rows and we don't have another dang header trailer to keep tires on...

                What about singulater or twin rows? ...the twin rows again this year didn't look that great from the road...but the combine, grain cart and scale tickets made up for

                Aye 82, we don't try to grow 8 ft. tall corn, we like it to go to the cob for ears...more grins and giggles....
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                  Why ask for advice if your an expert at growing and harvesting corn already?


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                    Originally posted by 82 View Post
                    Why ask for advice if your an expert at growing and harvesting corn already?
                    82, you sure give the expert rating fast!

                    I'm still running the 8820, so I know dang good and well there are LOTs of "corn raisers" out there with WAY more experience...besides,
                    you are never to old to learn...maybe to hard headed, according to wife.


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                      We tried planting corn with a 750 John Deere no-till seeder way back in the day...what a disaster. My forefathers tried using a Van Brunt grain drill a time or two before that. Their experience was the same. Our experiences "cutting" corn for grain, rather than "picking" corn for grain was the same...a disaster. Maybe it will be different this time?

                      The newest John Deere air seeders metering, depth, and covering systems look pretty much the same to me as a 750. Depth, spacing, singulation, and seed to soil contact are pretty important to a corn seed we've learned.

                      For what you'll spend on the sunflower pans I can set you up with a nice 16 row John Deere corn planter with dry fertilizer, and a nice 8 row corn head for your 8820.

                      The header trailer I built for our corn head many years ago only cost me time. And I work free most of the time. Some years I even pay to work.

                      Some things we learn we never forget.


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                        Yeah how does that thing work when you start at 9 pm aND run till 10 am a that air temp is cold enough to make snow not melt inside machine aND plud chaffer?
                        Don't get tripped by what's behind you


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                          I don't know fR, I do know we have to choose our days for harvesting the other crops..

                          We have, in the past, had good luck with johndeere air seeder/drill, crustbuster notill drill(wobble box), john deere 12 row, chit, even 8 row IH with that information,
                          most would say we are pretty easy to make happy...oh, and we played with twiln row....interested in 15 inch to match milo and in the heat to get
                          a 15inch corn head for the $ for the pans, but then, we still grow some $2.50 we use a stripper head to leave as much standing residue as we can.


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                            "Luck"...I've been taught over the years to take as much luck out of the planting, and harvesting equation as possible.

                            You should have said you don't care about even corn plant emergence and plant spacing which are both very important to achieve a profitable corn yield in the first place. So with that information.

                            Just over plant your desired final stand by 10%-20% seeds/acre with any kind of a POS grain drill, you won't need any fertilizer, and PRAY for rain. Then just go out and rub the plants off with a wore out flex head. This method of raising corn will "work". I'm not sure if you'll make any money.

                            Clarke machine will build you a 15" corn head. So will Calmer. All it takes is money.


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                              82, Isn't that new gehringhof plant in st cloud building any direction corn heads.
                              Don't get tripped by what's behind you