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Hydroponic Fodder Sprouting Machine

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  • Hydroponic Fodder Sprouting Machine

    Low Price Hydroponic Fodder Sprout Machine for Sale
    Why choose to use an Automatic Fodder Sprout Machine instead of manually making fodder sprouts?
    1. Using a automatic bean sprout machine, the bean production span is less and the finished bean products are of higher quality which are uniformly growing, in the controlled isoperibol environment, thus over coming the weakness in the manual working---the bean sprouts are strong in upper leaves and long roots, which weak in surrounding and bottom.
    2. The bean sprouts machine integrates water inflowing, water spraying and temperature controlling, thus shortens the growth-cycle of bean sprouts, and saves efforts in manually making bean sprouts. The short growing process perfectly protects bean sprouts from bacteria invasion and creates hygienic and fresh bean sprouts.
    3. It is Widely used for the processing of all kinds of beans such as the soybean, mungbean, black soya bean, kindney bean, red bean, broad bean etc, in the mess hall, supermarket, restraint, hotel, ship and large-scale sprouts producing as well as the sprouts specialized production households.
    Features of our our Hydroponic Fodder Machine
    1.Of specially designed sprout box, whose bottom is bossed keel design. It will not be out of shape if things put on it weigh 100kg. And there will not be water in the bottom, thus avoiding the rot roots. And it can keep good shape for 6- 10 year.
    2.Of computer controller mounted together with the bean sprout machine, instead of being put on the machine top, thus is much more convenient and easier to operate. It can achieve the temperature display, high temperature alarm, water tank to do the process of automatic water adding, automatic heating, constant temperature, automatic pouring water, pouring water time interval display, pouring water delay display, manual drench water.
    3.Of water cross-sparying pipes to keep every corn can be watered, thus to avoid rotted roots
    4.Of Internal frame galvanized steel, with the heating pipe on the bottom, and the heating pipe power is about 500w.
    5.Of extra-large and thicken water tank, which is made of PVC material which is specially for food and conform to the food standard----of strong structure and toughnes.

    How to use our Hydroponic Fodder Machine?
    to pick up the bean seeds---to soak the bean sprouts ---put the seed into the sprout box---put the sprout box into the bean sprout machine----- to produce bean sprout ----collect the finished bean sprout.

    Company website:
    Contact email: [email protected]

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    Is this suit for making bean sprouts?


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      yes, it can make bean sprouts, please leave your email address if you are interested in this machine, as i can send you a quotation soon.