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  • High Clearance Sprayer discussion

    I am interested in an affordable high clearance sprayer. There has to be a place where they are discussed. If there is no place lets do it here.

    How important is it that all 4 tires are the same size?

    Do flotation type tires damage the plants or do they recover soon after be run over?

    Myron Denny
    Glencoe Okla

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    don't know a thing about sprayers but it's good to see you on here again Myron.


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      just how big of a sprayer are you needing Myron 60 80 100 foot booms or larger 500 750 100 water tank hydraulic spread or manual 80 to 300 hp the combinations are endless the same on tire size I my self would base it on acres to cover and time you have and crop and weather its herbicide or fungicide-----------------dave


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        Not to mention the highest clearance sprayers winged or rotor.
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          What I am interested in is 1000 gal chemical tank with 90' to 100' boom. I am sure it needs to be 4 wheel drive. GPS I think is needed, What else is needed?


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            nothing a pocket full of money and a good driver cant fix-------------------start looking on Big Iron Purpil Wave and Auction time time their is a lot of spray riggs that size hitting the market now I bet you can find one close to you also many different flavors out on the market Haggier makes a good one Deere also rowgater also to stay in that 1000gal sizegps and guidance should be in all of them -----------------------------------dave


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              As 479 says - It only takes money - lol I have got along with my Hag's pretty well and has good clearance as we spray tall corn some seasons -

              What do you need or like to have ? There are a lot of toys out there -

              1. My favorite is the swath control - that is just to cool to watch - as it turns on and off on point rows or ends rows .

              2. Norac height control is nice - but you can out run it - or I can anyway - somewhere around 12 to 13 mph -

              3. I have the ag leader Integra - it has the gps and very good mapping on it - they are more operator friendly -- I think and they have very good tech support - there is a SMS file you can get threw ag leader to down load your info from the integra - It is very hard to use and I do't use it like I should - matter of fact - I did not down load any thing this season = P-I-T-A

              4. 1200 gallon tank - stainless steel and booms make clean out a lot easier ! On this sprayer I got the 1,200 and love it - had 1,000 on the others - a rule of thumb is on a 1,000 - most times you can only get 900 in them as it will foam over - 1,200 and I get about 76 acre loads at 15 gpa

              5. Inductor on the machine - I also have that - you can load / mix with the sprayer - you can also suck off another nurse tank with that with no motor

              6. I'm old school - even with gps and the fancy chit - I still use my foamer - drop some on ends and it's easy to pick up your turn in - great for spraying tall corn too !

              5. I don't have auto steer on this machine - I had already added 35 grand in toys and HAD to stop someplace - lol To add it when I ordered it was 15 grand ! and guess what - I called them the other day about adding it and it was still 15 grand - But on most newer machines - its probably already on it - Never drove one with it , but guys say its the cats azz .

              6. If you use a lot of 28 and need to move a large amount of gallons - then a high flow pump would be nice .

              7 . If you need to switch nozzles a lot then go with the triple nozzle bodies AND if you use drops - they make a nozzle body that all you have to do is take off a cap on the back side of the nozzle body and put them on - I have these and rate them a must IF you use them much - I use mine for custom work - they don't turn on you as you lift and turn -

              8. I have brought many sprayers in the past and did not get some of the toys = money , but on this one I have - I shot the wad for most of them and am VERY happy I did Myron - as you spend a lot of time in them - life is easier with them + they do a good job !

              9. Floaters - expect to buy new ones - used are almost impossible to find - most keep them for life = mine ran 15 grand with new rims and new radials - they ride GREAT with them ! and if the ground gets a little soft - the 14 inch wide narrow tires will cut the chit out of your fields ! The floaters will add days to your spraying - while the narrows will sit !!

              10 Tech support ! Its a must , as your sprayer will be your best friend and worse enemy in seconds - lmao I know this for a fact !

              11 . A lot of Deere's - Row- Gators and Hag's around here with some IH's , All are good -- On the Gators - check the booms !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Check the booms -- check the booms ! Have seem many with them sitting on the ground - when they should have been up and hooked to the machine .

              12 . Good LUCK ! lol And keep us posted on your NEW toy .


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                On number 5
                A friend from Indiana suggests that auto steer is for pansies.

                When you look- Check the booms for hairline cracks near the welds.
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                  There are a lot of farmer owned deeres around here but the 3 local fert/chemical outfits have gotten away from them. Something about they keep blowing wheel motor seals or something. Maybe that's a problem they corrected.


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                    Like ECI, and 479 said, have as much fun as you can afford. There are a lot good used self propelled sprayers for sale now days. IMO any kind of a self propelled sprayer with a suspension is better than a pull type. Believe it or not one of the best self propelled we've had over the years was a high geared 1984 F-250 6.9 diesel with a 400 gal Ag Chem in the box,
                    I sprayed 1,000's of acres with that ole girl.

                    Besides the F-250, I've had a 1979 647 Hagie, about the same age 6000 John Deere, a 1999 model Patriot Wide Trax, and currently have a 2002 model 2100 Hagie. My ole 6000 was pretty well used when I bought it, they sure are kidney busters, I used it for spraying tall corn only.

                    I've always been partial to Hagies, even the old models have plenty of frame clearance for tall crop spraying. They are very well balanced, light weight, and very good in mud. My Patriot was a good sprayer but was a little under powered for our hills, that was the only reason I traded it for the 2100. The 2100 Hagie has no problem climbing the hills. The only complaint I have about my 2100 is the two tank system. If you're loading on uneven ground you should fill one tank at a time.

                    I have a Raven controller, and Trimble guidance, with auto boom. Like ECI I sure like the auto boom, especially with our pie shaped fields. You really appreciate it when the point rows get short. My Trimble guidance system is "old" technology but has a row finder option on it I really like. You do have to push the button every pass to reset, but it sure beats the heck out of trying to count 64 rows every time. Like ECI I still steer my sprayer the old fashioned way, our short, steep hills really challenge auto steer when trying to stay off the growing crop.

                    My boom is 80 feet and you will have to weld on the boom once in awhile on my vintage Hagie. at least once a year. When they started painting them gray and yellow Hagie did a definite boom upgrade. But like dad always said, everything has it's breaking point, even a tank.

                    The older Ag Chems run the same type of drive system my Byron corn pickers did where the wheel motor and final drive is all one unit. That type of wheel motor is very expensive to rebuild or replace. I'm not sure if the newer ones run the same type drive system.

                    At Farm Fest this year I priced the so called "affordable" farmer sized Hagie with all wheel steer. When the salesman reached $265,000.00, and we weren't done adding options I thanked him for his time...even the salesman had to admit they went over budget. Maybe when ECI declares his sprayer wore out I'll be able to upgrade to his.

                    edit too Hagie has just over 3,000 hours.

                    Tractor House is another good site to search for used stuff.
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                      Forgot one thing Myron - Motors ! On Hagies - they came with a 205 0r 275 hp motor - on the older ones - mine today has 325 - NO replacement for lack of Horse POWER ! And mine is a 2012 - that was the last year for tier 3 engines in Hag - It may be earlier in Deeres and Gators -


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                        When you say motor are you talking about engine horse power or wheel motor horse power?

                        No one has mentioned any of the "other" sprayers, are they not worth considering?


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                          Which one's Myron ??


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                            Willmar with Cummins engine.


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                              Sorry Myron - can't help you much on that one - Don't think I have ever seen one around here - there's a lot of Wilmar pull type spreaders thought -

                              Have seen a Apache - even been threw there factor , It's on the South Side of Indy - but never test drove one - they look like a nice machine - But the one I was looking at - looked light on the booms - but that's been 12 year ago or more .