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I guess i lied!

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  • I guess i lied!

    I was going to add to our trucking thread but it is so deep in spam I will just start over.
    Here a while back I made the statement that a new truck was not that much different than an old truck. Meaning a well maintained old truck. Any way I have found one big difference. When dealing with insurance no one hesitates to fix a new one right. On my 2004 they went and got a hood off a wrecked truck and just hit it with a rattle can before installing. They did fix one spot where the part that held in the left headlight had fallen off. The rest of it they just used enough pain to fill the cracks.
    The guy that hit it was real nice and did what he thought was right by finding my driver, admitted fault and gave his insurance info. Unfortunately if he would have just driven off I would be in the same spot I am now except that my truck would be fixed and I would not be out 21 days of down time. We both have the same insurance. I have been with them 35 years last February. I will not be with them 36.

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    Would you mention the company name?

    I try to avoid the companies that are quick to collect premium yet slow to settle fairly.
    “Democracy is the worst form of government, -------------------------------except for all the others.”

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      Jabber I sent a private message. I am going to see what my agent can do for me before I mention names on the internet. I am sure part of the blame goes to the name brand company body shop for providing substandard parts.


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        Just a quick update. I talked to an independent adjuster and he told me a couple of phrases to use. I got more responses today than I have in the last month. One of the gentlemen still maintains I have not called him. It makes me feel like I should send his supervisor a copy of my phone bill! LOL


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          Dave , it seems to me all my insurance policies , on the first page say , you are covered for everything !!!

          Then on the last page , at the very bottom , in fine print it says , except for what happened to you .

          My truck insurance has gone up every year even though there are no accidents , tickets on the drivers or truck , or cargo claims . We complain and gripe but it falls on deaf ears .


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            The claim should be on the other guy, we just have the same insurance company. The lack or communication from both the body shop and the insurance company had my" I am going to get ripped off" alarm going. After I got the estimates I notice several parts that did not make it on my truck.
            It is sad, I have insurance to cover it. He has insurance to cover it and the best thing that could have happened was he just drove off and left it.
            It is interesting though, the grill I put in last year that cost me $600+ was just over $200 on the estimate.


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              I am feeling like a real A- hole today. I talked to the insurance guy. They are going to start over. Supposedly they are going to get a new hood ready and then I can just pull in and switch over.
              I am supposed to take more pictures of the old straightened parts that were charged out as new.
              They are going to send a check out for down time. About $2,000 less than what I figured it cost me.
              Then I got to talk to my mechanic about an oil leak on some work he did a while back. It was a bad deal for him. He had trouble and got to R&R a bell housing about 3 times. He also got to buy some parts his hired man damaged plus got to pay for a new clutch. He stood it all on his own with no complaint. He did say without a doubt he will stand it again but I feel bad holding him to it.
              I would just let it go except for we recently got a ticket for an oil leak. The truck was just damp underneath. This one will leave a plate sized puddle when you stop. It is not much by volume as it took a gallon of oil at around 9,000 miles.
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