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    Any one know much about cell tower leases? Tower is a lot bigger than I thought ... 500' with guide wires in 3 acre tripod format.
    Had been offered a cell tower by major carrier. 100' x 100' by 300' tall. Letter starts at $375/month for 5 years renewable 4 more times at 7.5% increase each 5 year period.
    Been trying to do some PV FV math on it and just seems like it aught to be more. Land was around $3000 in 1987 and now $12000 per acre. 25 years is a long time.
    I know enough to ask for additional rent if more antennae are put on it.
    Know enough that they have to take care of extra taxes and all zoning issues.
    Know enough to be bonded on decommissioning it in the future.
    What can I ask for ... free access, annual payments, annual rather than 5 yr adjustment, etc.?
    Pain in the keester to look at, farm and aerial spray around, etc. But what about a tower site right in the middle of your farming area with all the data we will be handling in the next 25 years?

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    Why do they want your property? Do you live on a hill? 300 feet up there means you're gwanna be the newest red light district around. 20 years ago they were $400+ out here, and I know of people on the border getting $50,000/year!!!


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      Lease rates are highly variable, $1000.00 to $1800.00 per month are common around here. Find a lawyer who handles this stuff , you need protection. You will get screwed in the small print otherwise. The communication company writes the contract, if you don't check out the small print and boilerplate you will regret it down the road. R7


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        Yeah, I'm a MP and Hail adjuster so I know how fine the print can get.


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          Yeah, one of the higher points in the county. I've had a 500 footer one quarter mile from me for 30 years. We are used to it ... if the money stream is right.