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    kinda in the market for a new baler since mine is tosty it was a NH 7060 silage special started pricing around today I soon started to have to grab my as s with both hands WHOW Deere has a new 9 seres out or is it you can go to youtub and pull up 9s or punch 900 and come up with a totly different baler so what is it 9 or 900 ask a deere sales man and he will know nothing about a 900 ------------------can one of you guys post the vido of the 900 my puter will not post it for some reason pictures either whats up with deere are we playing second fiddle to Europe I though deere was a America company-----------------dave

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    I believe the 900 is a European only series. In the U.S. it is the 9 series.


    Here is the video if the 900 series......

    Should it come as a surprise that your Deere saleman didn't know anything about a 900 round baler???? You ask the Deere salesman around here about hay equipment and they have a dumbfounded look on their face like you are speaking with a forked tongue. They only understand the words tractor, planter and combine.


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      thanks for posting that dairy the 9 and the 900 are totly different balers front load net to the stuffer are totly different and the ejection is new to any other baler ----------dave


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        their is another vido that showes the construction of the 900 how its made kinda like the 7060 to some extent butterfly doors and all except the election--------------------dave
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          Well howdy! I wouldn't like that...not enough time to drink a beer and eat a boiled egg! lol


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            How does the new holland br780a compare to the 7090


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              Sorry Tricky I'm not familiar with NH balers


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                that's just a little older model is all may not have all the bells and whistles----------------------dave