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Running vacuum seeder with older Ford

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  • Running vacuum seeder with older Ford

    I have a '68 Ford 8000 that I am planning to use to run a JD MaxEmerge 2 system. What I can't find is whether the older Ford remote valves will handle continuous flow reqs of a hyd vacuum motor. The Ford output is 12 GPM. Can't find the JD flow req in the manual. Besides flow, are there other issues to consider? Thanks!

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    Depends on size of planter, but ballpark guesstimates for a 12-row planter: 7 to 10 gpm to raise/lower, 8 to 12 gpm to run 2 vacuum motors, 2 to 5 gpm to raise/lower markers, and 1 to 3 gpm to operate hydraulically-driven variable rate drive motors, if the planter is driven that way. So, if all those are running at one time (when raising the planter on a headland) it could require between 25 to 30 gpm of flow at minimum of 2200 psi.