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To buy or not to buy a tractor??????

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  • To buy or not to buy a tractor??????


    Just trying to decide what/if tractor to buy. Here's my deal;

    Need to feed 150 fall cow/calf pairs hay this winter. My old tractor, shall we say, went to the tractor heaven, so I'm deciding if I wanna get a fresh one or not. I don't believe in chores/work. So my plan is to kill a few hours after cartoons are over Sat AM putting bales in my cattle yards.... enough to last all week. Only I'm not sure I wanna go through all that, so I might just hire my neighbor to do it???? He doesn't know what to charge for feeding bales, and I don't know what to offer.

    So I'm looking at 85 to 100 HP loader tractors. It will never do field work, cuz I despise such horrible activity with a great passion. (Going 6 mph = my version of hell). It would hafta have MFWD. Perhaps I should just get a skidsteer? Skidsteers are way more fun to run...

    These used tractors are just stupid high. I can't see paying some asz hole to wear out his old tractor for free.

    How about a fresh Mccormick/Farmall etc? One that was used to mow ditches this summer? Good deals on that stuff?

    I don't really have a price range. I spose I want value? Either that or else I will own it forever (highly likely) so it just has to not not break down much. I doubt I'd put over 100 hours per year on it? I mean, how long could fedding a few bales take?

    Unless I start haying in the summer, which wouldn't be too terrible of a gig. It can be pleasant I spose, cuz you get to go chase little bunny rabbits etc, and there is wildlife to scare up. That wards off the mind-numbing boredom. Maybe a guy could get an audio-book deal to listen to on IPOD. I forgot there's this new tech out there to take the drudgery out of it! Still having flashbacks of the 806 of my youth with screaming straight pipes and no cab.

    The other thing is I don't like to fix jitt. As in, I don't own tools and don't intend on it.

    Another factor to consider is the Doom Castle. Its got a long driveway that gets snowed in tight. Last winter we just used horses when it got deep, but the Ol' Lady says she is gonna spend all winter in town if she has to do that again. Maybe that would be fine. I haven''t made up my mind bout that either. At any rate, I may need a snow-blower.

    The problem with a skidsteer is if I use it to blow out the Doom Castle, (a prospect that is sure to end once the collapse hits anyway) it will take too long. Skidsteers go slow don't they? The Doom Castle is a ways from the cows, so I'd destroy time on the road with a damn skid steer. Plus skidsteers without tracks suck in the mud.

    How are track skidsteers in mud/manure?

    I'm thinking the programs on a new tractor are attractive. On the other hand, money is a finite asset. Dough used on a tractor = less cows one can buy.

    I need to do something by Labor Day if I'm gonna buy something I really don't want and use it to do something I really don't wanna do. Hmmmmm....... maybe I should just hire my neighbor????? He's the foolish sort who loves to work. He starts a tractor everday, and does my chores on the drop of a hat and likes it.

    Maybe I will create a series of electric fences and rows of bales. Then I'd never start a tractor. Just move the fence once a week to a new row of bales.

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    Ghost : Hire your neighbor !! You should spend most of your time posting , like above!! LMAO.....John


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      their a nice 2090 sitting down in sw kansas at verbs he"s a nail banger anyway and don"t need a tractor it"s just begging to be used---------------------dave


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        If you want a loader tractor get a 4 wheel drive. Other than that, happy tractor hunting.



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          Maybe I will create a series of electric fences and rows of bales. Then I'd never start a tractor. Just move the fence once a week to a new row of bales.

          There you go Ghost your FINNALLY useing your head for something else other than a place to put your hat !!!!!!!!!!

          Here is what you need to do , I usually charge for this kind of info , but being this is the first time for you , No Charge !

          Just put all the hay you will need this winter in the lot duh ! put your hot wire around it . Then give your neighbor , say 50 buck a week to move the wire . !!

          I can't believe somebody that put's up smart post's sez i may buy a tractor ?? WTF No make that a Double WTF you will shoot 20 grand easy and about the same for a steer , that is money that is just pizz 'd away ! plus fuel and then then they will have a come apart and there go's more money !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          F--K the deep snow ! give her a kiss and tell you will see her next spring !!!!! You get a snow blower and everybody in the county wil be calling your azz to clean them out !! that is no sh1t !

          Come on here OBG just think what you could do with that extra 20 - 30 grand , I say F--k the tractor deal , F--k the skidsteer and just enjoy life man !

          So in ending , pay your neighbor to feed , wife go's to town in winter and if you were to need a little lady for the evening , just make a call the the rez , them indians have horses don't they ??

          Hope this helps , if you have any more questions , feel free to call , you have my number !



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            Here's my can't miss idea. Buy a big enough and new enough tractor to make neighbors jealous. I suggest a new JD 9630 or STX600 possibly quad if you think you need tracks. Might be hard to find a loader, but you shouldn't need one. All your money and more will be spent on tractor and won't have $$ to buy cows... problem solved. You don't have to put up hay or feed in winter. It's much better to watch cartoons all day on Saturday and not go out in the cold. If you get bored, you can cruise in it and chase bunnies and what not. When snow gets deep, you can pack a trail down, helps if you have tripples. Better yet, hire your neighbor to drive your new tractor in circles so you don't have to. You're welcome.


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              If you're in the cow deal long term you need a tractor. The haying deal is OK too if you don't mind doing it.

              I'd get a John Deere 7200-7400 or a 7X10 with MFWD and a JD 740 loader. Better yet is get one with left hand reverser. The only thing better than these for cattle/haying would be a newer style JD like a 7330 or something like that.

              Stick with a John Deere, if you ever want out of it you can get the job done, buy it right and maybe you can make a profit or at least cost you nothing for the use of it. Don't let these other guys blow sunshine up your axx telling you some off brand jitt is just as good. There has never been another brand made that has held it's value as well as a John Deere. 4020's bring more than they cost new, 4440's bring as much as they cost new. Nobody else can say that.

              Those little 7000 series just run and keep on running. That's what I'd go with.


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                Help me out here, guys. Doesn't Ghost live COLD country in the winter? Those blankty-blank diesels don't do well at 45 below. He's talkin' about feedin' cows, while you 4x44x444's are all out chasin heifers in the Bahamas!! Maybe he needs something in GAS!!! And what happened to your Avatar? Was she so top heavy, that she fell over?? If you need help proping her up....uhh, don't be bashful, call ses!!!


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                  Yeah! If you need help holding them up give me a call!


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                    Oh that was a great Idea there Percy sending ses , that would like be sending a BOY to do a mans work !! OBG ,I would be glad to help hold them up ! Ken


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                      No don't be calling ECI! The old limber dick would throw his back out trying to prop those up.


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                        I agree with ses. i have a john deere 7120,97 horsepower. It has about 6 thousand hours on it and it is terrific. I bale , feed hay. etc and never have any problem, except for the water hose and muffler ( had to rebuild the hanger is all) and my numbnuts hand put the hose to the cab heater between the bracket and the muffler. I got in it to bale some hay and was stranded in 110 degree heat on the side of the road.. I love it, and it is worth more now than when i bought it.


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                          Originally posted by ses View Post
                          Yeah! If you need help holding them up give me a call!
                          You would have to drop that cookie ....


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                            OBG, I don't think a skid steer will do what you want it to do. They are worthless in mud and even pushing snow you can't push much. But they work well in tight places. Tracked models are a little better in mud, but top speed on even a two speed skid steer is 12 MPH.

                            We have a JD7410 MFWD with a 740 loader with a grapple. That thing can do some work. Bought it new in 1995, now has 5000 hours on it and no problems. Ours has the left hand reverser and would recommend it. That tractor would do every thing you want and even some things you shouldn't. As for cold weather starting, just plug it in for about 30 minutes and start the tractor and you are good to go......just be sure you have winter blend diesel.


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                              I agree on the 7xxx series JD. The smaller ones have a big engine that is derated/detuned to a lower HP. They should last forever. Our 7210 has 12,000 hours on it without any major issues. Just leaked oil from some stupid O-ring setup they used. It is on a mixer, so not worked hard. One thing the JD has that the other colors we looked at didn't (at that time) was a heat duct for your toes. It is nice in the winter to warm the frozen toes only and not overheat your torso trying to warm them up.