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can you believe this judge?

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  • can you believe this judge?

    Judge halts enforcement of law designed to keep undercover activists from accessing livestock facilities.

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    Freedom of speech allows people to say things whether true or not.

    Watch the Television 'Live from DC'

    But when public access is denied, people seem to azzume farmers are guilty of horrible crimes


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      Sure am glad we got out of Dairy and cattle when we did . " Milk and meat are terrible for you and farmers abuse their animals ". At least thats the message some of these idiot groups tell the public .


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        Yes, watch enough TV and watch the clips of the shivering animals the spca shows and then THINK...IF they would take care of those animals, they wouldn't be shivering,
        those damned abusers seem to think it's up to someone else!

        Real close around here after some "events" that took place this past week end pertaining to hunting/ as shole hunters and...trespassing, NO warning shots from now on!
        If I did that on their street and front yard I would get a ticket...if caught!