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ground beef maybe?

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  • ground beef maybe?

    Picked up on this at this site, have NOT found anything else, anyone else? Glad it isn't Memorial week end and the beginning of" pick nicks, barbequing(sp) grilling and burning"

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    Who needs hamburger anyways ?? We can all just eat a veggie burger !!

    OH Wait a minute ,,,,, I Heard this morning about a bunch of veggies with possible Listeria in them . Some of them from Green Giant and other brands also .
    Guess we'll all just have to fast !


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      After posting I did another search, there is some news, but nothing updated as far as I can see.

      I "wondered" about the green crowd making something out of this, but those frogs keep getting themselves photographed amongst the packaged large green leaves... lol

      and be dammed Dan11 lol...this is NOT the season of fasting...put on weight just to make sure there is something to me next spring!