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  • breakfast and cooking..

    [h=2]92 cents[/h]
    The average sales price for a dozen eggs from the country’s largest egg producer, Cal-Maine Foods, fell to about 92 cents in the last quarter, 30 percent lower than a year earlier. The company said the drop was due to too many overly productive hens, resulting in an oversupply in the market and reducing its ability to raise prices. [Wall Street Journal

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    Dennis , wife has been buying eggs for .59 to .79 cents a doz for the past year here . I have some of my Grandmothers diaries where she was selling eggs at higher prices than they get today . Just amazes me how consumers don't have a problem buying $20,000+ side by sides or $65,000 dollar pickups , but God forbid they pay a few cents more for eggs , milk , or any other food products to keep Americas farmers profitable .

    Overly productive chickens ???? Last I knew a chicken only laid an egg a day ! Are these new fangled chickens different ??


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      exactly Dan11, and I don't know, haven't judged a chicken in 4-H or FFA poultry contest in over 55 years, as far as chicks, just eye appeal NOW


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        Been about a year ago, but I bought some chicken wings for lunch at the walmart deli. Those things were about the size of the drumstick mom used to fix when I was a kid. Made me wonder what they'd been feeding those things.


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          down here in Chicken haven three dozen for a dollar is common its killing the growers they are now facing longer clean out time and bird placement ------------------------------------------------dave