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$1510000 for Angus yearling bull

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  • $1510000 for Angus yearling bull

    SAV America 8018, at St Anthony NoDak last Saturday.
    That was for 80% semen interest, no possession. SAV retained possession and 20% semen interest.

    Herbster from Nebraska bought the bull.

    Looks Agri has finally been using the Research & Experiment or R & D credit tax program more.
    Be irs sec 40 or 41 I believe.

    Anyway it should be a 10 to 1 useable or saleable tax credit on Bulls.
    Soo the afore bull is a $12.3 mill cash off the top of taxes owed...And your double depreciation, alternative minimum tax etc stays intact to use as you desire.

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    the "money" behind herbster angus is conklin products,,,,, that is how the owner made his first several million,


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      Without tax breaks, there is No cattle bus.
      It's that simple.


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        I went to the Gardiner auction last Saturday. THe best price for bill was 1.2 million. Could nor believe what I was seeing. How ever the buyer was the owner of the l a rams and last year bought the wagner ranch for 440.0000.000dolars. Unbelievable