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    yesterday afternoon, watched on radar a cell that was RED...coming at us, thunk'n maybe we will get
    a real rain...then the cell turns into an L shape with the short part following the leading edge, MAN oh MAN, I don't like the looks of that sumbeach, and all the storms that get close, then veer off to the
    nort or sout...WOW, it did, and we missed a MF'n beach of a storm.

    There are a lot of "stuff" to be fixed now...

    btw, 0.07 in the super duper gauge

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    I'm told facebook has lots of pics of damage...

    1 death blamed on the storm at this time.


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      You kansas guys need the rain, especially during the hot summer days, too bad it takes dangerous storms to get any meaningful rain. The people in the flyover states seem to get out and make repairs and get back to living.

      I often watch one of the weather channels to see whats going on around the country. Looks like Oklahoma could be getting wet. Maybe David can get some more.

      We were getting pretty dry, but most areas around us got over an inch yesterday. Will help

      Good luck to you guys Dennis


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        Saw this on the Weather Channel last night Dennis - house's with the windows nocked out , blinds - which were inside the house all cut up - WOW , what a storm !


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          They mentioned cedar bluff reservoir on local news. Folks took us camping there a couple times when I was a kid. That lake had the clearest water. Is it still that way? Guess we were use to muddy old tuttle creek. Too bad about the damage. Were many cattle lost? Speaking of camping, my folks and I and two other couples got caught at Lovewell lake in a storm about like that. The folks and one of the other couples had brand new campers on their pickups. Dad had one side of ours up on 4x4 blocks to level it where we parked. When it hit, ours was sideways to the wind so we all got in the back of the other one that was headed into the wind. It was rocking so hard I thought it was going to tip over. It did knock ours off of the wood blocks. Next morning we packed up and limped for home. I still remember as a kid the corn fields we drove by on the way into camp were just bare stalks about 3 ft. tall. They had to take our new campers back to the factory to get re-skinned. Another one of those experiences that one time is enough.


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            I honestly don't know about the water, other than the level has been down much like Webster, but they have walleye that are plentiful, they just don't grow to legal length.
            Haven't been on that lake since 1970...


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              479 has a computer ready to use, but it is working like his cell phone, NOT very good, and he can't get logged in to agweb, those Arkansas ants have everything screwed up, that's ants, NOT aunts! MAYBE they have evolved like the dicamba technology in Arkansas...lmao....

              Should we all call Mexico city and complain, or tell them to NOT answer his call?


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                We 'has' just turned white in Rooks county, first snow of the season, understand those in demis have white lawns, not ornaments...


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                  Getting close to another month, and yesterday was a day with high temperature low humidity and very high wind. A couple of those make for good threshing days right, then the wind, at 52mph
                  limits where you "fill" the trucks, so a shut down until wind went down process of shut down, saw smoke to our SE and neighbor calling asking if I knew where, turned out to be
                  just over 2 miles se of us, and "lucky" for us AGAIN, fire traveling away from us! Fire started almost 1 mile from where the fire started this spring...when I made it back to combine, yield down,
                  that wind cost over 20 bu/a in the 3 hrs. it blew...and don't tell me to get more bins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The chit was 18%, to begin with, another "cutter" told me he was running under 13%, we
                  were under 14% yesterday. For the sake of discussion, just figure the cost of handling it twice and blowing air for a couple months until it freezes, then the load out centers and e-plants demand
                  14% at delivery...and I'm just NOT a grain storage person! Have had a couple experiences that were NOT pleasant and could have been much worse.


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                    Same with me Dennis. Put up a couple small bins when I first started. My two crops I grew at the time were wheat and milo. I think those are the two worst things to try to bin. Trying to keep the bugs out of the wheat and keep the milo in condition was a p in the a. Then being young and broke, my unloading system was as low tech and inexpensive as you could get. Stick an auger in the door, then when you scoop all you can scoop into the auger, stick a hydraulic auger inside the bin to feed the one stuck in the door and scoop the rest into the back auger. After a few years of all that I decided the storage the local coop charged wasn't that bad after all. Load it once, haul it once, and dump it once. Had I been raising corn and beans, then it might of been a different story.