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Cow that doesn't give milk

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  • Cow that doesn't give milk

    Is she called a Milk dud or a Udder Failure

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    We used to call those cows hamburger.

    The dairy industry needs more cows and Chinese eating oaties and soybeans, and drinking REAL milk or the vegans will have destroyed farming as we know it


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      I'm surprised that anyone posted anything at all on the dairy thread ! Times are changing . Often quicker than farmers can comprehend or are willing to accept . Burger King has been pushing hard their meatless whopper . Now I read where Kentucky Fried Chicken will be offering chickenless chicken ??? Seems at times the Asian countries want more meat based protein whereas the U.S.seams to be trending the opposite way . Milkless milk , meatless meat , chickenless chicken . I don't know what the answer is but we had all better sit up and pay attention . We can either make change work for us and to our benefit , or at times be run over by change . And yes , I've been smushed many times by change . Luckily though , We were smart enough to get out of the dairy industry over a decade ago . Wasn't willing to make the changes or investments necessary to stay viable in dairy . Looks like changes are coming again in some segments of farming .

      By the way , has anyone else noticed or is it just our computer ? In the AW home page in markets there no longer is dairy futures .


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        Maybe its agweb's way of saying there is no future in dairy..

        The number of people who are actually vegans and using these futuristic products is currently very low. But social media is providing so much free advertising for these products , that traditional ag will have trouble competing. Pretty soon, even the deer and birds will need to be fed only organic corn and other farm products. Instead of spraying your sweet corn, you'll be out there hoeing away.. Even a one armed hoe r can get a lot done


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          If there are any dairymen out there? what is your opinion of Dean Foods declaring chapter 11, and DFA's supposed offer for the company? Our milk out here is really not directly involved, but they jugged a LOT of you middies milk under crontract.