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    KH - If you decide to drive to Schnappsville you can go to the Wayne Maur farm which is - from the Cherry Grove Cheese factory go 1 mile north and 1 mile west. The guy who owns the farm that used to be Wayne Mauers , built a new heifer and dry cow barn on the 70 cow farm last fall. Now he's thinking of selling the dairy cows and go where the big money is - beef ! Really ?? What is this world coming to ? I'd like to be at the meeting when he explains that idea to the banker this spring !

    Barn roof didn't go down . Temporary posts held up. I got my brand new truck !Heavy Duty half ton f150 extended cab.Same as the one it replaced - only 20 years newer !
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      I remember the Maur [Mauer?] farm and I knew him pretty well.. Decent dairy farmer but I think he worked off the farm also. When you read about the prices that milk cows are bringing, you have to wonder about the wisdom of quiting dairy farming to raise beefers. It might be better to breed a portion of the herd to beef bulls and just try to diversify. Selling dairy and buying back beefers doesn't sound like a win- win situation.

      The meeting between a lot of farmers and bankers could be very interesting this year. Its been too m,any years of negative margins for bankers or farmers to be optimistic.

      You lead a charmed life Ron, Good family and a successful farmer. I've got a 10year old F-150 That I'm getting redone. Getting a few rust spots and cab corners going out. I don't travel much and really like the truck so I'll throw a few dollars at a Ford


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        did any body call the rendering plant?


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          Yup, Called the rendering plant. But I couldn't afford the charges. So I guess the dead shall rot and stink.

          Thread or industry. Both are deceased.


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            We have a backhoe for the skidloader makes getting rid of carcasses of dead livestock, gas thieves (cars included) alot easier.
            Don't get tripped by what's behind you