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Dairy subsidies?

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  • Dairy subsidies?

    A Canadian report claims US dairy subsidies total $22.2 billion. A Dairy Herd magazine article says this is 73% of our checks.

    I found a report which says there are 9.39 million dairy cows is the US. Simple math tells me, this equals $2343/cow...

    Are these the real numbers? Who is getting the money???

    Would it not be cheaper to pay us not to milk cows???

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    It would be interesting to learn the source of your information

    Who's getting the subsidy??? Betting its not farmers.

    Is that figure per year as it implies or the total over the whole life of dairy subsidies.

    I was a dairy farmer for about 40 years. I promise you, I never had any year where subsidies were 73% of my check.

    Fake news again!!!!


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      Yes King, the Canadian report was sited in an article about the new NAFTA talks, a few months ago. It was per year... Just google US dairy subsidies... And It was also a Dairy Herd management magazine article, it came up in the same search.

      It may be fake news, that is why I asked if these were the real numbers.

      Getting payed to not milk cows, was said tongue in cheek, of coarse...


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        i'm not real good with numbers, but I think these dairy subsidies would be listed in the Farm budget. I couldn't find anything resembling those numbers except for ' Food for slackerds'

        If those numbers are remotely true it would have to include any tax breaks or subsidies for processors truckers, grocery stores etc. The numbers in that Candian report seem wrong. I don't get Dairy Herd management so I am unable to verify that article.


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          Yeah King, it includes all sorts of things. One article gave one example of irrigation subsidies of 2.1 billion.

          Google these. sorry I don't know how to add a link...