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    I'm young and very active in my school's FFA. Last year I raised two hogs and auctioned one off, and sold the other to my neighbor as meat. I also worked with Jersey cows to show, and helped my friend prep hers for fairs.
    I'm working on getting a job at the dairy three miles down the road from me. (Things are looking pretty hopeful.)
    While I was there yesterday just helping out, the owner asked if I knew anyone who would want a Jersey bull calf. They want to find a place for him to live so he won't have to be slaughtered. I thought about this and thought that maybe, just maybe I could get him.

    I'm wondering if this is a good idea for me. I would want to keep him as a bull, but there's still the option of castrating him. I would keep him at my school's farm, which is 2 miles from my house. (I have a driver's license, so I'd drive there twice a day every day, as I do anyway since I keep my animals there.) I will be getting a Lowline Angus steer to raise to auction at my county's fair.

    I just have a few questions about this.

    -Would I be able to keep the bull tame? And keep him from harming people or other animals?
    -Would it be a good idea to keep him in the same pasture as my steer?

    The bull was born about a month ago and the steer is almost eight months old.

    Thanks all

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    NEVER, and I mean NEVER, try to keep a bull! Keeping him tame is NOT the problem...keeping him TRUSTWORTHY is. JERSEYS are the WORST breed of all...they have killed more people over the years than all the other dairy breeds COMBINED. Plus, they will be sexually mature by 6 months. Cut his throat, or his gonads, and go on from there.


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      Ahh alright, thank you very much for that advice!
      I've been thinking about it and I'd much rather get a Jersey heifer. I've been around them a lot and I know a few very very sweet ones at the dairy. I would love to buy one off them but they're out of my price range.


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        Jersey stears do make a fine textured, flavorful meat if you decide to go that route. I'll second the advice on leaving him a bull. Bulls require strong pens and cannot be trusted for a second. Had one nearly kill my uncle and he was a damn good cow man. Given your lack of resources I'd sat it's time to cut yourself a pair of Rocky Mountain Oysters. R7


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          There you go Percy , take this young man under your wing , he out your way , not every day a young guy wanting to work on a dairy . lol

          Hamlet did you get to make it out to Indianapolis this past week ? Alot of blue jackets on the TV the last week , lol Ken


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            Hamlet why does the guy wanty somebody to take the calf and raise him so he will never be slaughtered? I don't get it. If the guy has cattle he knows nobody can raise something like that and let it die of old age. Gotta be more to the story. If the guy wants it to be raised for a herd sire then that's a whole different deal.


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              NEVER keep a bull for that purpose...............they go insane.......Jerseys are supposed to be the worst. Personal killed by a Holstein bull. Tame bull. ONE HIT put me in the house for 3 months. Second hit would have succeeded, would not be giving you the best advise you'll ever get.... had the second hit not been deflected........You want a future in dairy..........Learn AI first chance you get and the entire genetics of the world are available to you sir.......Glad to see a person smart enough to get advice from people most likely to know. You will be a success in life for sure.....Good luck at the shows.......they're my passion too! One of the sweetest cows I ever showed was a sweet Jersey Cow.
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