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    Another dicamba moment...originally, LABEL..NO tank mix...then "they" were allowed to tank an application, PHock your neighbor!

    (NOTICE the first two letters in the word phock)
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    in the year of $6 beans farmers are known to CUT those corners if they can piggy back another chemical and SAVE a trip WHY not this time it comes with TEETH here anyway I do believe their is a fine for off lable spraying of $25,000 if convicted HUMMMMMMMMwas it worth it--------------------------------dave


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      But 479, it is NOW labeled for glyphosate, originally it wasn't, so the fine won't work in deterring BUT be sure to read the headline on the same article, different magazine..some of them
      just don't give a rats tail if it saves a dollar, the devil with the neighbor...and to amplify my mood, a neighbor called, losing 137 acres of wheat to mosaic...the "farmer" across the road had
      volunteer wheat growing from last August and all winter and spring...the same neighbors keep doing the same crap!

      Sorry, Delta press just copied from bad!


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        I will have to read the new label now with the moisture we have and het already diester will happen ----------------------------dave