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    non-gmo beans Posted by: jd8760 on 10/24/2007 6:30:22 PM

    i have been raising non-gmo beans for the last few years and the yields have been right there with the rr beans...premiums keep going up as well as the cost of spray.. just wondering if anybody has a cheap effective spray program for conventional beans
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    ReplyReply good question Posted by: MDM on 10/24/2007 7:41:50 PM

    I've been thinking about going to non-gmo beans to save on some seed costs and I believe that they will yield as well. I don't know of anything to use other than treflan-ppi and something like FirstRate or Pursuit Post. It isn't cheap(20 bucks + application) but it will work well. 35 dollars + glyfos isn't cheap either and more important it will keep us from padding Monsanto's pocket. If we would use bin run seed, that would really cheapen up the inputs. Can you get any premiums for Non-gmo beans and where if you do.
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    ReplyReply beans Posted by: jeff on 10/24/2007 7:49:39 PM

    I thought about growing some non-gmo beans 2 years ago. I could get .90 premium over rr beans. There were 2 drawbacks, I had to store the beans until January and I had to truck them about 100 miles to the river port. I decided not too. I would not realize enough profit over the rr beans to grown them. But I might check into it again.
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    ReplyReply premiums Posted by: jd8760 on 10/24/2007 9:52:59 PM

    i am getting .90 for non-gmos next year and 1.20 for pioneer 93B82 at ADM next year
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    ReplyReply Don't Book Non-GMO Too Soon Posted by: Beaner on 10/25/2007 5:47:18 AM

    I suggest farmers wait a bit before booking non-GMO and food-grade soybeans. With prices as high as they are now the buyers of non-GMO and food-grade soybeans are going to have to pay a higher premium to get farmers to grow them. I would not be surprised to see the premium for food-grade soybeans top $2/bushel next spring.
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    ReplyReply from my experience- Posted by: dennis on 10/25/2007 7:40:08 AM

    It will take all of $2/bushel to make the difference between chemical, freight, and storage.
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    ReplyReply WOW Posted by: MDM on 10/26/2007 8:37:20 AM

    I had no idea that they paid those kind of premiums for non-gmo beans. I wonder if they do in my area. I already ship my beans 150 miles, already store them and so if I can get a dollar or more premium I will go non-gmo. I'm a small farmer, so I think it is a no brainer. It sure pays more than the 60 cents for Vista beans.