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    As most of the time, could use some rain here too!

    Between humidity, hot air, and neighboring states with crazy winds, just feel lucky it hasn't happened any closer.

    Stay safe everyone, looking at less extreme heat next couple days...then some moisture in the forecast,(FOR us)


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      Friday the 13th was our lucky day. Caught 2.10" rain. Just in time for some of the wilting beans. Told one landlord not to get to feeling too good. That would only buy us a couple weeks. Yesterday, Friday the 20th., beans are starting to show stress again and those brown spots are starting to wilt down again. I thought that 2 in. would go further than it did. I didn't plant any corn. Didn't follow ole 48's advice and planted some milo this year. That's the only thing looking real good so far.


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        Submitted by Brian McCornack on Fri, 2018-07-13 15:16

        Sugarcane aphid was found in Cowley County, KS, this week. This is the first report of sugarcane aphid occurring in our state for this growing season. It is important to stay vigilant scouting your sorghum fields in order to make informed treatment decisions. The aphid was detected in TX and OK areas this year, similar to years past; yet the population levels have been lower, and typically under treatment thresholds so far. However, this aphid loves hot weather and can increase in numbers under harsh conditions. County-level notices will be sent out from the myFields team as new detections are reported.

        For help with scouting and identification, visit the link here to see instructions and pictures:

        To see local management information, click here:

        For more help, contact your local Extension office. Find yours here: