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Lettuce/Broccoli Growers: Help a UVA Student!

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  • Lettuce/Broccoli Growers: Help a UVA Student!

    Hi, everyone! I name is Lindsey and I am a graduate student at the University of Virginia. I am researching fertilizer preferences among U.S. lettuce and broccoli farmers, and I need help!

    If you commercially grow lettuce and/or broccoli in the United States, please consider sparing 10 minutes to take this online Google survey:

    I would be eternally grateful for your help!!!

    For my research project, I must research how lettuce and broccoli farmers choose a fertilizer and whether they would be willing to spend more for certain added benefits. Feel free to reply to this post with your thoughts, especially if you think the questions in my survey are the wrong questions to ask (I am not a farmer so I am totally out of my element!)

    I can't do much for you in return beyond wishing you health and happiness, and promising to buy LOTS of lettuce and broccoli every week for the rest of my life (I will!)

    Thanks so much!