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    Seems to me the DOT folks are doing there best to make commercial motor vehicles their CASH COW . It really whizzes us off when we see some person dragging a trailer . No lights that work , grossly overloaded , nothing tied or strapped down , way to big or heavy a trailer for the towing vehicle , and the Motor Carrier cops sit there and watch as they go by . But they stop and ticket commercial vehicles if they have some minor marker light out , or stop them just because they can and look for something wrong . And they always find something .


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      yupe, reminds me of back when at local elevator, I was pulling a flat bed 16ft trailer with a 3/4 ton pu, a "traffic jam" in, for some it was..
      anyway, this local driver was waiting in line, I pulled out and into the parking lot rather than take up other's time, he got on scales and entered office same time
      I entered office, he was more than pizzed, had been stopped and a lite on the tag lite wasn't on, but his irritation was while stopped, a vehicle towing a way to
      big trailer went by and was ignored...drivers explanation was those blank blank dots would let a" Volkswagen" tow a 40 gas tanker if they can get those trying to make
      a living independently are forced to union type rules..I'm NOT on the road commercially now, I'm for safety, BUT some of those a holes are real close to over stepping "just because they can."

      so the dots wanted the pu to have a tag sticker covering total capacity, only trailers weren't carrying a load?