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    I am going to post this up here in crop production because it will hook in with it and I look for a very lively response so here goes --------------------DOT laws what can drive ---how big ------how long -------and how far ------what does your insurance say this should keep us busy for a month or so ?-------it is changing fast here-----------------I will start here in Arkansas so fare a farmer can haul his crop with no CDL 50 mile range no problems any thing over that you are at you own peril also new this year you can haul fertilizer with no placard's or CDL with in that 50 also fuel any amount no state line waver new rules their time limit has also bin wavered no special insurance also---------now that's crop hauling lets get the machinery to the field ------if it roles pull it truck or tractor here comes that 50 mile rule again ty to keep it under 20 feet if possible -------haul it now here is a new problem 102 inches or you need a permit farm tag required if you move you neighbor that's commercial now you must have a different tag and insurance 26000 GVWs come into effect CDL commercial insurance requirement if you work for hire or the public or drve your neighbors truck to the grainy you are require to have a CDLyou must be a payed employee of the farm to get around this then again 50 mile liment GVW are the hauling weight limit of you truck and you trailer ?------now the reason why I am asking this now yesterday at a town to my east my son had to go retreave one of his frinds truck and trailers from the sid of the road because the was shut down no CDL !!!!!he was running a single wheel truck and and a bumper pull single tire trailer with dool axles --------two 7 000 lb axles on the trailer the truck rated at 13000 lb ---1 ton truck on singles --------that's 14000 plus 13000+27000 lb he is over the 26000lb limet so he was shut down now I ask you what is going on in your area----------------------------------------dave -
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    it seems up here in the north, our rules are a bit different, we can run across state lines to 100 mile ,no deal with a pu and trailer, but we need a med card to take the semi across state lines only to haul 100 gal of fuel, but most here haul a lot more.
    don't know Dave, if the rules have changed here at all


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      med cad is required with CDL-------------------------------------------------dave


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        Those dang Arkansas "yers" lol

        Since last change, 150 mi from "home", or load out facality.
        trade labor,
        medical card IF commercial, self "medicated" medical sheet required in farm tagged vehicle requiring CDL, which in our case is the 150 mile, and either hauling your own produce/product
        or trade labor with neighbor, SIL father in law, etc...

        The tags and stickers work in combination, just can't go over GVW and rated axle rating limit, those 12,000 front axles can get you if you aren't careful...

        goosh, it was okay last year, surely it is okay this year

        I dropped out of the medical card commercial so I could easily say NO to those asking me to drive, but that was my choice.


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          The DOTs have started a new trend here in the land of opportunity they have started to stopping the Fancy horse trailers the guys and gals that computation ride for money most all of them here run newer one tons four door dooles with the enclosed 32 foot three axial trailers-----------That's a GVW of 13000 on the truck and 21000 on the trailer 34000 lb then if he can prove they are riding for computation he will write they for no commercial insurance both park able offences lets see how long this lasts I can hear the complaints going to the capital now ------------------------dave


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            The "truck" had to be tagged for the total, and "my" understanding is if it's tagged and loaded greater than GVW label of the "truck", katy bar the door...

            thing is, the week end cowboys and girls hobby gets as expensive as farming..


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              some of those trucks they drive go upwards of $60000 and the trailer usly have living quarters in them nd go in the 30 and 40 thousand-----------------------------dave


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                This really doesn't go with the "legal limits", but post #7 did get me to thunk'n, after all, a school mate is back from Arizona, after selling his "rebuilt vette" through barrett Jackson..$180,000.
                He has been doing this since high school, so he is knowledgeable.


                how about sticking this


                on this


                and pull this..

       get on by the vid,

                would that be anything like my dad telling his neighbor, there is an example of a $500.00 saddle on a $25.00 horse... ?

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                  Well super fk, guess fixing but NOT improving is FJ's way of saying, it's been a tough year, NOT going to improve unless all the "sponsors" double up on advertisements!

                  So are the Mexico Mo's wearing pretzel caps and jackets to stay warm? Or would some corn with wings help?


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                    Dennis , I and a lot of other drivers really think The DOT - FMCSA is totally out of control on laws , rules , and regs . Its job security and a major ego and power trip for them . I really can't believe what all they can pass and how they infringe on our freedoms and privacy . I used to really enjoy driving but it has become not enjoyable as they are ALWAYS looking for some reason to write tickets .


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                      I think MN IA has a 30 mile limit for farm plates trucks. That 30miles from state line as crow flies as long as you are with in 100 miles of home.
                      Don't get tripped by what's behind you


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                        This caught my eye...first being, hauling trailer, which in "this part of the world" means loaded on the truck or pick up and NO trailer tires on the ground, but hay,
                        I'm just being



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                          if you have a name on the side o your truck door you have problems if you have a commercial name on your door you have bigger problems your chances of being stopped are dang near 100%-----------as I came through town the other day a DOT officer had a gas company truck puled over he was pulling a two trailer bumper hitch and he had his ticket book out writing a ticket I believe those boys have to have CDLs now------------------------------------dave


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                            Was there room for a plaqer for flammable liquids anyplace? lol, going to have to ask for a clearer picture in my mind, 2 trailer bumper hitch? You aren't importing camels?


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                              two 7000 lb axles=four tires---------------------dave