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  • Okey dokey 479, youi started this with 24D, immediately went to dicambia...different will stay on this awhile...

    P I S S me off...

    Original label...NO MIXING!!!

    Well some of us gott'a get the most couldn't "afford" to make two/2 applications, so get label to include Roundup max...and now can you afford to pay off the widow
    down the
    road that her house plants are brown and brittle, or the 4-H and FFA members with various crops and gardens, or the orchards, well BS, get another product
    and you screw it up to save MONEY that now should go to those who got hurt...

    any bets on who and where the most "leading" experts were from with the "most" damage done?


    • just bringing this to top to see if 479 was able to get any soybeans cut yesterday...


      • finely cut a bob truck load will take them off in the morning it rained all day today a miserable wet day --------------------------dave


        • Question on wheat multi peril ins. in Ks. After 10/31 it's 1% reduction in coverage for 14 days. Then after that no coverage. But no deduction in the cost of the ins. during those 14 days. So can I insure the wheat I've already planted and then not have ins. on late planted?


          • ten four--------------------dave------------still raining here


            • 4450, your cut off date is later than ours, which started the 20th here. The rule book will get Pat Roberts back to Kansas yet! There is a crop insurance workshop in Salina
              Nov 1,

              Questions: Rich Llewelyn, [email protected] or 785.532.1504

              would be my second call after asking local insurance nature is going to give the politicians more pita...

              edit btw, 0.62 total for this weather event...roads were standing water to fields a couple days, to be 70's butt breeze become 40 mph wind Saturday
              afternoon and night...
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              • hold the phone Dicamba has bin extended till 2020 stay tuned the shi tt going to start flying now--------------------------------dave


                • Yes but even more restrictions. From the meeting I went to last spring it sounded just about impossible to meet the criteria for a go day. More cover your arse for the company in these latest restrictions. As much as a lot of guys hate it, we've had clean beans the past two years because of it. Was a total disaster the year before that and an expensive one too. Not that there is anything cheap about this.


                  • okay, more "news" on dicamba...


                    ONE point I see that, my comment will get me in "dutch" or the chicken meal, but,

                    "• Only certified applicators may apply dicamba over the top; those working under the supervision of a certified applicator may no longer make applications."

                    good move, dum b asz ooperators who can't get through that little bit of "class room" activity should NOT be applying it!

                    There are several other chemicals that need to be put in that "label" for their application, also.