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  • Nice read on Buffers


    • If you're attending the Young Farmers and Ranchers Leaders Conference next weekend in Manhattan, a training on dicamba application will be available. This will fulfill the 2018 dicamba applicator training requirement. Please bring your applicator certificate number available if you plan to attend.

      Another dicamba applicator training opportunity will be available preceding the Commodity Classic at 10:30 a.m. on Jan. 25, at KFB headquarters in Manhattan. Applicators should have their certification numbers available. It will be the responsibility of the applicators to obtain this training before the application of dicamba herbicides.

      Trainings will cover the label changes and application requirements in detail and provide information on what you, as an applicator, need to do to meet these requirements. The labels for these herbicides include mandatory record keeping requirements, modified wind speed restrictions (3 to 1 miles per hour only), limited times of day that applications can be made (between sunrise and sunset), a revised list of sensitive crops and sensitive sites, buffer zone requirements and revised sprayer cleaning procedures and documentation.

      The dates and locations for all K-State Research and Extension sponsored trainings will be posted on the KSU-IPM website.

      If you do use the above site, you notice the 2018 dicamba training at bottom of publications,

      well another "guess what, signed UP for the soybean school, with Dallas Peterson the head cheese, BUT winter storm warning ,, posted belos..
      National Weather Service

      Watches, Warnings & Advisories
      Go to the NOAA Homepage

      NWS Homepage

      Local weather forecast by "City, St" or zip code

      2 products issued by NWS for: 9 Miles W Stockton KS
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      Winter Storm Watch
      National Weather Service Hastings NE
      402 AM CST Sat Jan 20 2018

      ...Winter Storm Expected Sunday Into Monday Morning...

      .A storm system will track east and strengthen as we head through
      the weekend. There is good forecast model agreement that this
      storm system will bring periods of snow with strong winds to
      portions of south central Nebraska and north central Kansas
      Sunday through Monday morning. Ahead of the snow, freezing
      drizzle will be possible, bringing the potential for light icing.

      Including the cities of Phillipsburg, Bellaire, Smith Center,
      Kensington, Codell, Plainville, Stockton, Fullerton, Genoa,
      Central City, Stromsburg, Osceola, Shelby, Polk, Grand Island,
      Aurora, York, Minden, Hastings, Sutton, Harvard, Clay Center,
      Edgar, Fairfield, Geneva, Exeter, Fairmont, Alma, Orleans,
      Franklin, Campbell, Hildreth, Inavale, Red Cloud, Blue Hill,
      Rosemont, Bladen, Bostwick, Superior, and Nelson
      402 AM CST Sat Jan 20 2018


      * WHAT...Freezing drizzle, heavy snow, and poor visibility in
      blowing and drifting snow are possible. Plan on difficult travel
      conditions. Ice accumulations of a light glaze are expected
      Sunday morning followed by total snow accumulations of 2 to 5
      inches, with localized amounts up to 7 inches. The heaviest snow
      will likely fall northwest of a line from Central City, to
      Hastings, to Alma.

      * WHERE...Portions of north central Kansas and central, east
      central and south central Nebraska.

      * WHEN...Precipitation is expected to begin in the form of a light
      freezing drizzle Sunday morning and change over to snow by
      Sunday afternoon or evening. The heaviest snow is expected
      Sunday night through Monday morning.

      * ADDITIONAL DETAILS...There is still some uncertainty regarding
      the track of this storm system and there could be a rather sharp
      gradient in the snowfall amounts across this watch area. Stay up
      to date with the latest forecast updates for the most current
      information as the storm system approaches our area.


      A Winter Storm Watch means there is potential for significant
      snow, sleet or ice accumulations that may impact travel. Continue
      to monitor the latest forecasts.



      Hazardous Weather Outlook
      Hazardous Weather Outlook
      National Weather Service Hastings NE
      611 AM CST Sat Jan 20 2018

      611 AM CST Sat Jan 20 2018

      This Hazardous Weather Outlook is for south central Nebraska and
      portions of north central Kansas.

      .DAY ONE...Today and Tonight.

      Freezing drizzle will likely begin to move into the outlook area
      after midnight and expand in coverage as we near dawn on Sunday

      .DAYS TWO THROUGH SEVEN...Sunday through Friday.

      Areas of light freezing drizzle are possible Sunday morning and
      afternoon before changing over to accumulating snow later Sunday
      afternoon. The heaviest snow and strongest winds are expected Sunday
      evening through Monday morning. Winter storm watches and warnings
      are in effect for much of the outlook area along and northwest of
      a line from Stockton, Kansas to Superior and Geneva, Nebraska.
      Please refer to the winter watch and warning products for more
      details. Lighter snow amounts of 1 to 2 inches are expected to the
      southeast of this line. Stay updated with the latest forecast
      information as details of this storm system become more clear.


      Spotters are encouraged to report ice and snow accumulation.


      More information may be obtained at the following web page:



      I'm guessing along with others, school may be cancelled...and I'm NOT driving on ice for a free meal
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            • Attended one of the local "schools" to "qualify" for application of Dicamba...

              Was a good school, a lot of repeat info but got a web site on temperature inversions, still NOT able to get it to work for me, so will hopefully get that later.

              ONE major thing here, 24D as this post started as is NOT Dicamba, does have similar characteristics.

              Then take another look at the number of complaints...those east of the Missouri river may have a reading problem, BUT what I caught, K-State is suggesting low HUMIDITY at application
              time, then for instance of extreme example, fog rolling in.

              Temperature inversion was at the top of the presenters probabilities.

              Now, we have seen "dicamba" hits before the NEW spray products by name were introduced, as Clarity, banvil etc, and we have been spraying wheat stubble behind combine for years,
              have learned from experience, and new labeling will stop some of the outlaw type spraying, but given the limited time window, it is still going to be every body for themselves, here, swallow
              our pride and go with resistance package and hope for a little yield boost over non.

              We do NOT have the "truck farms" in say western Kansas that are more prevalent further east is another aspect of one size doesn't fit all...

              btw, your own insurance will not work on someones else's application that gets YOUR crop,
              so maybe look at the resistant as an insurance as far as soybeans...
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              • Another presenter's theme was, if you don't use a pre emergence, don't call me...


                • and the Saga continues-------Arkansas judge dismisses Monsanto lawsuit on dicamba ban

                  no dicamba here this year--------------------------dave

                  LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — Arkansas' ban on the use of a weed killer blamed by farmers in several states for crop damage will remain in place after a state judge dismissed a legal challenge by a maker of the herbicide.
                  Pulaski County Circuit Judge Chris Piazza dismissed the lawsuit by St. Louis-based Monsanto seeking to block the state Plant Board's decision to ban dicamba from April 16 through Oct. 31. Arkansas has the toughest restriction in place on dicamba, though several states have imposed other restrictions or requirements.
                  Arkansas enacted the ban after receiving nearly 1,000 complaints last year about the weed killer drifting onto fields and damaging crops not resistant to the herbicide. Arkansas is one of several states where farmers have complained about dicamba drifting. Monsanto was also challenging an earlier rule that specifically targeted its brand of dicamba. BASF and DuPont also make dicamba weed killers.
                  Piazza cited a state Supreme Court ruling last month that said the state Legislature can't waive Arkansas' immunity from lawsuits. That ruling has prompted lawyers and judges around to the state to say it amounts to a blanket protection for the state from a wide range of legal challenges.
                  "It's obvious that Arkansas is going to have to come up with a constitutional amendment to change this to make it where we can operate again as a court should," Piazza said. "I really think the (state Supreme Court case) prevents us from hearing this case at this moment."
                  Dicamba has been around for decades, but problems arose over the past couple of years as farmers began to use it to kill invasive weeds in soybean and cotton fields where specially engineered seeds had been planted to resist the herbicide. Because it can easily evaporate after being applied, the chemical sometimes settles on neighboring fields planted with seeds that are not resistant to dicamba.
                  Piazza issued his ruling after hearing hours of arguments from Monsanto and the state over the company's request for a preliminary injunction blocking the ban, as well as Arkansas' request to dismiss the lawsuit. Monsanto did not say whether it would appeal the ruling to the state Supreme Court.
                  "We are disappointed in the court's decision to dismiss our legal challenge of the plant board's restrictions, and we will consider additional legal steps that might be appropriate," Scott Partridge, the company's vice president of global strategy, said in a statement. "We look forward to the day when Arkansas growers can benefit from the latest weed-control technology on the market."
                  Among other arguments, Monsanto claimed that the state did not consider the economic impact of the ban. The company also challenged the makeup of the 18-member board, arguing a state law that gives private groups such as the state Seed Growers Association power to appoint members violates Arkansas' constitution. Piazza said he wouldn't going to rule specifically on the request for a preliminary injunction in case his dismissal ruling is appealed and sent back to his court.
                  During the hearing, Monsanto's attorneys said the state couldn't claim immunity since the company wasn't seeking monetary damages. They argued the state's Claims Commission, which handles economic claims against the state, wasn't the right avenue for the challenge against Arkansas' ban.
                  Attorneys for the Plant Board argued the company hadn't proven the state acted illegally or unconstitutionally, so the state was immune from the lawsuit.
                  "They just don't like the decision the Plant Board made," Assistant Attorney General Gary Sullivan said during the hearing.


                  • Sounds like in if I lived in Arkansas I would find out how much it cost to buy dicamba go to the local football coach tell him that money goes to the team if my beans are clean.
                    Don't get tripped by what's behind you


                    • you can not buy it here the COOPs can not even stock it and it comes with a heavy fine if caught using it $25000 so their is a deterrent------------------------------dave


                      • look at this and notice...the razorbacks aren't even mentioned..



                        • the formulation in the chemical will not work in Arkansas the heat and humidity just make it move here and the Farmers here are not going to tolerate it any more the dam lawyers just make too much also -----In November, the EPA will decide whether farmers are going to have these types of herbicides for their fields in the future. “All you need to do to revoke those herbicides is to have another year like last year, or worse-----------------------------------------------dave ----------------------------------------------Dicamba a Lawyers Dream


                          • I realize it's a touchy issue....some places east of the "missoury" river just have way to much inversions...then get on to Carolinas, and their problems were less...and if
                            anyone is a beatcher when it comes to ag related problems, drouth, floods, anything, those Caroliners are tops at that, for sounding off..and beatching!

                            "We" have been using the less refined product for years following wheat harvest and pre plant milo and corn...granted to start with, soybeans weren't even a viable crop then, but still "drift"
                            on to house plants and gardens was a known.
                            WE HAD to think before turning on the sprayer, and even then there were a few problems.

                            Let the states regulate and watch the border wars begin...


                            • Good morning my goof ball friends - lol Well --- I took the Dicamba training course on Presidents day - - Scott our county extension guy - put on the presentation - as he also helped out in the presentation in Johnson County .

                              I will put a link to the presentation that had to attend - - this link will take you to the OISC site - it will be the first one at the top of the page - then you can go threw the class - about mid way down it has ? 3 grafts on wind speed and the amount of day you could apply - the thing that jumps out is the 5 year average - everybody talked about how windy it was - but looking back over the 5 years - 2017 was really not that much deferent . Hope this works - if not - let me know and I will try something different - It is worth your time to look at this .