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well guys its time to go to work!!!

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  • well guys its time to go to work!!!

    seen some taters being planted today,and a lot of NH3 going on on the lighter ground, plowed a few ac for soybeans,will be going full ahead tomarow after these few showers go thru
    spring has come to the southern trundra!!!

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    W T F pl?

    our forecast is:
    Sunday Rain showers likely before 1pm, then rain and snow showers likely. Some thunder is also possible. Cloudy, with a high near 51. Breezy. Chance of precipitation is 70%. New precipitation amounts between a tenth and quarter of an inch possible.
    Sunday Night A chance of rain and snow before 1am, then a chance of snow. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 32. Breezy. Chance of precipitation is 40%.

    Okay, it isn't forecast to be one of those that 48 blows about....but there is still SNOW in the forecast...


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      I can say we are drying out fast evan after all that rain & snow we got,some are worried here about the D word


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        We have been getting heavy rain and snow too! It has been forecast almost every day for the last week. Total accumulation
        for the month is probably .1 inch precip. Frost at 14 inches in the field and dry on top. At least where I dug at anyway.


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          We got a Kansas rain last night = 2 tenths , 65 today , then 74 Sat 76 Sunday then back down to 55 thru the day and lows 32 next week , Chemicals came in yesterday seed today , Things here are moving right along .


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            If'n you are already getting the Kansass and his D word m I g h t be cm'n u're way!

            Wheat has started some that ugly dark almost blue/black in spots of compaction or old road grader ditches etc. Joint is still below the ground in what I looked @ this morning...lert'r snow!

            Neighbor is worried about winterizing his sprayer after 3 hrs of use


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              got 1/10" yesterday after the 2"on sunday night /Monday am its dry on the sand, the clays are coming around,after a day in the mid 70s with a 30 mph wind we may be doing them next week if the rains hold off


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                Saw a few tractors in the fields yesterday working ground or putting on NH3. We have had several days of very warm and windy. Rain is predicted today and tomorrow and cooler temps. Seed has all been delivered and equipment is all greased up and ready to roll.


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                  Clock is Ticking

                  Almost April 15th. Southern Illinois and especially SE Mo and Ark...little has been done. Normally, SE Mo bootheel would be 50% planted by is still pretty wet there. What has been planted might get a rude awakening come the next three days. Lows 27, heavy rain.

                  And then it's May......where more wet weather is forecast....with few drying days between events.....and then it's June. See any familiar pattern here?


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                    K- (short for OK in texttin' terms).

                    I am cornfused. Nooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww whatta I do???????????????

                    Keep deliverin' corn and soy seeds for plantin' this spring or immediately put 'er in reverse and start pickin' up what I already delivered??????????

                    I got a new pintle hitch and am ready to go awaitin' further instructions.

                    Hope the weather straightens out down there. If it weren't soooooooo cold with rain in the forcast some corn could be planted on the driest farms in this area. So far we have been north of most of the heavy rainfall this spring.
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                      Don't have to worry about picking up any Pioneer down this way. No one plants the chit, unless they've got a need to reduce their APH. I went from Champaign Il to Sikeston on I-57. Still looked plenty sticky in most places. Saw two anhydrous applicators running around Pesotum exit....other than that, not much going on.


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                        Forecast was 80% chance of rain snow here for last night. All we got was cloudy, cold and windy. I saw a BTO planting
                        some heavy low land friday. In a normal year I would say wet dirt farm.


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                          EYYYYYYYYYYYYYI HI! 0.02 liquid on the super rain gauge after all day so far mist...was 33؛F when I checked it, was turning
                          to snow and now temp @ 30؛F, the deck, grass/lawn/weeds are now white..visibility down to less than 100 yards with wind
                          32mph...going to be a Kansass blizzard* YET!

                          *except for total depth of snow

                          Have NOT started lawn mower this season!
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                            Got a half inch of liquid sunshine yesrterday. frost is starting to come out in most places, but still muddy. hoping to get some corn combined tomorrow up nort. keep pluggin away and please be safe.


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                              Same here Dennis. I told the wife last night when those storms fired up on the east side of the county (we're on the west side) and moved east that we weren't going to get anything out of this. I was right. Only thing we get consistently anymore is wind. Got one guy in the neighborhood that turbo-tills his bean stubble before planting it. Thought that was some of the best looking wheat around. Noticed today coming home from town that the tops of the terraces on one of his farms was getting a blue tint to it.
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