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    I am an undergraduate student part of a team at Princeton University doing research about new crop development and what farmers need their seeds to help them accomplish in the coming years. We are currently conducting an interest survey about genetically modified traits within crops to help us know where to focus our development effort. Attached is a link of a survey that takes around 3-5 minutes to complete to help us gauge the interest in and acceptance of genetically modified crops in the agricultural industry. This survey is completely anonymous and no personal information is gathered. You will also not be contacted or spammed after taking the survey.

    Again, thank you for taking the time to take this survey. We really appreciate your input as it will help us develop crops that are in demand but not on the market already. Feel free to post any questions or comments on this thread and we will try to answer them to the best of our ability.

    Also, I haven't been able to figure out how to let people just click on the link, so would greatly appreciate it if someone could post the link that allows it to be clicked on rather than having to be copy and pasted into the browser.
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    It's not just you wtinsman. AW doesn't allow any of us to post clickable links anymore.


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      Probably part of the spam-proofing the AW computer geeks came up with?

      I did laugh at this part:

      "This survey is completely anonymous and no personal information is gathered. You will also not be contacted or spammed after taking the survey. "

      Heck, the NSA is snooping into everything. There's no privacy anymore.

      Oh look, here comes a drone............


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        perhaps this is all symptomatic of the Sebelius computer virus. lol


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          Yep, signin and give the whole world all your personal info with no protection. We know why she never checked it out by trying it. "I don't know, and if I did, it was somebodies else's fault' It only cost the tax payer $600,000,000,000. What do expect for such a small amount of money!!??


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            Here Sonny Boy -- I will try and help you out some - Just last year -- The northern guys were snowed in - wet - cold nd it was starting to get late - So here at ECI Global Headquarters for R&D of speciality crop - We came up with the New R-2 - Yellow Snow Peas - It was a hit with them boss --sod out in days - then Some whated to still plant beans - but it wwas like the First of Aug . ( remeber they don't getin any hurry up there ) But we came up with our New R-$ 3 day maturity beans - yes 3 days - Plant one day - play golf on day 2 then cut beans on day 3 ! Boy what a hit - have been getting reports that some are harvesting there 20 crop - in one year ! yes - were that dam good down here !

            So good luck with your study -- hope this helps



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              Just had a call from a Middie-Northern farmer who confirmed it took him 3 days to pea the snow yellow, and he STILL hasn't located his golf ball!!


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                ECI, you are a treasure trove of solutions for insurmountable problems. Lets hope that wtinsman follows your advice very carefully rather than getting out and getting his Gucci's muddy learning something about actual agriculture. Princeton better figure out how to keep the Atlantic from wiping out New Jerseys current agriculture. Probably not enough money in that, cause they can't sell it to 3 million peasants around the world.


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                  NOW THAT is racist!! and politically incorrect roger7, you are SO bad LOL (only allowed 2 I-cons now)