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Corn & other Commodity Funds positions aren't what they appear!

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  • Corn & other Commodity Funds positions aren't what they appear!

    The SolarMatrix has an important astro zone this week. Also, there are four Geocentric zones on the 17th. Pluto lost it's bearish grip the end of last week as well.

    Monday has updated the CFTC data and charts and there are few notable observations. Crude Oil has made another new all-time high in OI, (Open Interest). And pushed out the 2008 high on the contract value chart. (OI x future price)... very significant, in a 3-D chart using the depth of the chart as volume and OI busted the bull highs of 2008 approxiamatily 5 years ago yesterday. A dollar drop or rally will gain or lose more now at $106 then a dollar drop or rally in 2008 at $150... Watch this closely

    Corn made a new (5 in a row) small Fund Shorts Record position as shorts have added a 1/3rd more positions in the last 5 weeks. From 11-27-2012 small Fund Shorts had 63022 short contracts as of the last reporting from the CFTC the Short Funds have on a record 327980 contracts, 100000 being put on in the last 5 weeks. Most traders look at the net which shows a boring (-3446 net short). Being conservative just to get back to the April 2010 record of 233000, FS would take at least 5 weeks of buying to offset this pressing stance. The Fund Shorts tried this in the soybeans making record highs for multiple weeks back at the end of May and are still peeling back their loss today. It is hard to tell what the catylist will be to begin the short covering phase, but they will have to take there lumbs as the charts turn bullish and trends get broken.

    Live Hogs have been making the news with some deathloss issues and the Long Funds have been pressing the upside as well. 4 weeks in a row the small Fund Longs have made record highs as Open Interest broke records as well. It is hard to imagin the OI in Hogs is higher the Live Cattle!!!

    Following the Flow of the Money is the motto of the site but it is also important to know why and who is driving the markets. Commercials are important, but they are offsetting risk as a hedge, and Index Hedge Funds don't care where the market goes as long as stock traders buy stocks to offset there position. But its the funds that have a true skin in the game and should make emotional mistakes one can take advantage of... Many other markets are making records too, check then all at on our site. [URL=""][/URL]