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Biofuels bonanza facing 'crash'

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    First, I have to disagree with NCGA president Litterer when he states that biofuels have not increased the price of sweet corn. My price for pickles is negotiated on a yearly basis. Last year I recieved the largest one year increase in price mostly due to the fact that growing an alternative like corn had become much more appealing. The same goes for other vegetables. The vegetable processors and fresh market buyers had to ante up to keep the supply they needed. I know there are more reasons than just biofuels for the increase in commodity prices. The increase in demand that biofuels represent is not least among these reasons. 48, interesting that you bring up geothermal. Chevron had a commercial about geothermal during one of the football games yesterday. I've never done any reading on geothermal so this peaked my interest. I wonder what potential amount of energy is feasible from this.