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Cutting Beans

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    What do marshmallows do and how do you use them??? Let me know.



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      Originally posted by jabber1 View Post
      15" rows look pretty wide when the beans are 7" tall. I had some that looked about the height in your picture. As I cut my short beans it appears that I took the opportunity to trim a few of those nasty looking little rounded tips on the reel fingers. I bought the platform used. The guy that had it before me started the trimming job and every once in a while I add to it. Couldn't help but notice the bean bushes in your picture where they are thin.

      It's amazing how many pods a bean plant will put on where there is no competition.
      The above and the fact that I don't see any weeds will affect my vote for underachiever of the year award.
      Weeellll,,,,,Jabber, weeds need water too ya know !


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        jdg, get a wire live trap, throw a couple marshmallows in the end of it. It works like flies to honey. Then you take your trusty little 22 revolver, loaded with shorts, hardly makes a noise, and send the varmints on there last road trip. R7