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Thread: EPA and air emmissions reporting

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    Rather amazing that est Bison/Buffalo numbered 60 million head over two hundred years past and they all nearly eliminated by the US government itself. Yet now the US government is concerned about half as many beef animals, 30 million head today and the environmental effect... very interesting as well ZERO trees grew in the presence of buffalo, but now the Government wants trees but no buffalo, and concerned about Cows.
    Five thousand years back it was recognized the single reason for government was to protect the Poor from the rich, yet the USA government soul reason is to make the rich richer, eliminate the entire middle class making majority POOR and a select few, owner of all. Defiant to the single reason recognized for the very existence of government, thousands of years past.

    AS Europe was made to be that large parts of the poor fled to be free, FROM, immigrating to the USA..

    Its should be also recognized in the MASS extermination of the buffalo in the great USA, the bones were picked up in one region, and sold and shipped to another. this mass picking up of Buffalo/Bison bones, were shipped from one region to another used as, Fertilizer on the fields. Yet the bone picker uppers, came to farm the land using the profits from bone harvesting as a starter economics on the land cleared of past Buffalo herds themselves.

    Defiant to ecology, defiant to ecosystem, defiant to nature, recognizes the USA was founded on defiant to ecosystems.

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    Wow Joe, there must have been buffalo chitt everywhere. Most historians place that number MUCH lower

    like your IQ How can Joe go?

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