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Thread: Marketing 2017

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    Senior Member steffy is on a distinguished road
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    cash cattle traded 2-$3 higher yesterday,cutouts mixed choice higher select lower.futures look like they've put in a bottom,action next week will confirm.strong equities is not bearish cattle as beef demand should stay strong.Your bison looked looked like raging bulls last night,what a *** whippin they gave to SH

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    Senior Member Tas is on a distinguished road
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    There will be a little hidden message inside this post.

    The problem corn is facing right now here today is ethanol*****
    Ethanol futures are trading at the lowest levels since June of 2005
    Yes E - futures are trading at the lowest levels since before Little Bush signing the RFSA*****
    The average price for E - futures is $1.51 for 2 YEARS,,, $5 corn an $1.50 IMO will NEVER happen. I've very careful using the word never with markets.
    Friday's closing price is $1.26 with national average rack price of 1.52 as of the 12th
    E - plant margin are poor with the E storage tanks getting kinda full with a long time til the peak driving season kicks in.
    Seasonally those E tanks are VERY full for early December***** Seasonally the E-tank WERE pretty full last summer*****
    Whether its gas tank/crude tank/propane tanks or corn/wheat tanks(bins) the more in storage the cheaper the price tends to be over time.

    Who's ever in charge of the tank terminals to export ETHANOL we need tankers running and turn the pipeline feeding exports on TURBO mode.
    Late 2016 early 2017 E-exports were very good tho have been slipping since last summer.
    They slipped much quicker then I expected because of the competition world wide with currency market a throne in our side.
    I personally expect this competition to continue and cane see E-exports being tough sledding going forward in 2018
    Notice I used lots of these ***** because this is a very important issue looking forward into 2018
    This WAS a very important issue looking forward last winter or at least to me and E - insider it was.
    Oh but gosh I'm just a doom and gloom bear, he's one of those evil swashbuckler merchandiser type's that their soul propose if life is just to screw the poor dirt farmers of over.

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    Senior Member Tas is on a distinguished road
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    Steffy, the first 2 minutes after SH marched right down the field it was oh chit,,, after that the HERD ruled, the game over at half time.
    Bison could do no wrong and SH couldn't do anything right, for a team with a 12-1 record little odd, they mite have had that "Sure Winner" chip on their shoulders.
    Bison ending losing last year in Frisco, yep they had chip too, whether its markets or football, there is no such thing as a "Sure Winner"
    Markets are playing Christmas Grinch, the only herd you should follow is the #Bison
    If you wanna follow the marketing herd, just get in line for the cattle chute with your choices of bans or clipped.
    Takes take guys and Farmgirl

    Edit: Be very careful being long anything grains, could be 1 exception
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