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Thread: Best farm apps?

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    Best farm apps?

    We are test-driving, reviewing and compiling a list of the best farming apps at www.agwebappfinder.com. Please let us know your favorites and we'll add them to our list for consideration. Thanks!

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    Nice article you wrote up about the favorite farming apps. Great advice under the "weather apps" part... often it works for many categories if they are free... just download a bunch and take em for a spin. Choose the one you like and delete the rest.
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    I think everyone farmers or not would love the construction master pro app for only 6 bucks

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    We do a lot of targeted grazing with sheep, and build lots of electric fence. I like the Grass Snap app from Univ of Nebraska, and Planimeter (allows me to estimate paddock size and fence lenght).

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    The Farm Progress app is well-rounded and provides a lot of information and tools for the on-the-go farm user. Farmers and ranchers can keep on top of breaking ag news, grain and livestock markets and more

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