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Thread: 70% of farmers DON'T have this

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    70% of farmers DON'T have this

    30% of farmers have a succession plan in place. The rest "somewhat" do or don't at all...


    Here's a checklist for success from David Marrison, Ohio State University Extension educator.

    * Develop a written plan for turning over control
    * Provide written job descriptions to everyone
    * Determine what your successors need to know and who they need to know
    * Capitalize on everyone’s strengths
    * Created a timeline for when certain responsibilities be turned over
    * Communicate! Be open about your wishes

    What else would you add?

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    All I need now is 5,000 acres of prime farm ground, a line of new machinery, and the cash to farm it! At least I have a potential successor, right? LOL

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