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Thread: Advantages of Biodiesel Production

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    Advantages of Biodiesel Production

    Biodiesel production is a quite good project which is able to make efficient transfer of water oil material into high quality and green energy biodiesel. The production of biodiesel has a wide selection of raw material such as the refining vegetable oil or refined offcuts of oil plant (soap stock, oil foot, deodorized extract matter, waste blenching clay etc).
    Biodiesel production and utilization can reduce emissions of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. It can also reduce emission of pollution inside the room. Biodiesel has featured advantages of environment protection and reuse. This project has got high attention from developed countries and those of recourse lake countries. The production and use of biodiesel has no environmental pollution. If users who are interested in biodiesel production, please feel free to contact us via email support@oilmachineworld.com.
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    Practically every sentence in the preceding post is false. It's net effect on atm co2 is zero, not negative, and it is no cleaner nor dirtier than fuel from fossil sources. The pollution produced from ICEs is due to the inefficiency of the engines themselves, not the fuel.

    The disadvantages of biodiesel fuel is that it takes nutrients from the soil and doesn't replace them, degrading the soil, and that it utilizes acreage that could either be used for food production or destroys natural habitat. When a complete accounting is done, it probably consumes more energy to produce it than is derived from its production.

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