One of the many beef e-mails I get...I think it was "Grazing The Net"...had an article where I think it was the Texas Ag Comm was going to have a live radio broadcast with Chipotle's Ells over sourcing grass fed Australian beef cuz they couldn't get enough in the US. It turns out this article was in the Huffington Post. And, it turned out you had to be on FaceBook...which I post. But, it looked like you could post without it being posted on FB, so I posted the facts about why Chipotle is doing this...cheaper. I also posted the facts about grass finished marbling, no taste, stringy, tough, smelly. I also posted the facts about finishing cattle on lose a whole production cycle...vs Chipotle's claims of concerns about SUSTAINABILITY. I also posted the facts about transportation from half way around the world vs sustainability. I also posted the facts about treating sick cattle without anti-biotics.

One of the better posts taking Chipotle to task was a grass finisher who used Belted Galloways. I thought...why? Well, it turns out that Belted Galloways can graze marginal land that Black Angus could not survive on...and...still have marbling...proof in and of itself that grass finished cattle don't have marbling, taste, tenderness, etc.

So, I posted it, and had my name on it, which you could click and get all kind of info. Sooo...this am I went straight to the site with the intention of deleting the post. Not to worry...the Huffington Post had already taken it down. See...libtards are good for something after all.