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Thread: pilfering the farmers/producers to gain profits for investors, the New America.

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    Lightbulb pilfering the farmers/producers to gain profits for investors, the New America.

    Very much common reality, todays greatest purpose of the existence of US farmers and producers is to work and produce so profits canbe funneled to Investors...

    Stock investors, Land investors, and those that provide borrowing, its all a focus and cause to steal the fruits of labor of those that toil and work, to feed the investors...

    Nobody is obligated to feed the world, and as people wake up, they will learn that it might seem noble and right, but to work to feed others is a mere enslavement to create and feed not hungry people, but to provide profits for, INvestors.

    Todays providing of inputs to farmers and producers has nothing to do with durability, dependability, or for a long term gain to farmers or producers, but the main and only priority, is to gain profits for investors...the perfect formula that brings starvation and hunger to the world..

    NO civilization could have a worse case senerio of economics and government as the US now has of an pilfering of the farmers, food raising sector to attain wealth and profits of the corrupt in the bid to "grow a defunct and unsustainable economy".

    the great quote is , many are lined up to farm it, eventually, they too even see the reality of the world..
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