Bill Moyers:

"And then there are the lapdogs in Congress willfully collaborating with the financial industry. As the Center for Public Integrity put it recently, they are “Wall Street’s secret weapon,” a handful of representatives at the beck and call of the banks, eager to do their bidding. Jeb Hensarling is their head honcho. The Republican from Texas chairs the House Financial Services Committee, which functions for Wall Street like one of those no-tell motels with the neon sign. Hensarling makes no bones as to where his loyalties lie. “Occasionally we have been accused of trying to undermine aspects of Dodd-Frank,” he said recently, adding, with a chuckle, “I hope we’re guilty of it.” Guilty as charged, Congressman. And it tells us all we need to know about our bought and paid for government that you think it’s funny."

Yeah, Wall Street and Republicans are now firmly and cozily in the same bed. After Dodd-Frank, and some democrats not genuflecting to our super wealthy Lords and Ladies, why the Wall Street contributions petered out for the democrats. Oh, well. Perhaps, then, we'll have a chance to have the people's wishes at least heard a tiny bit before the House Republicans gavel them into silence.