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Thread: Does antibiotics affect taste?

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    Does antibiotics affect taste?

    Some think so. (I personally have my doubts.)


    Although one of the guys quoted in the story admits that not all consumer decisions are "science or fact-based."

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    After the appropriate wash-out period, antibiotics are essentially undetectable in meat produced using them, even with very sensitive lab testing. There's no way one could taste the ghost of their previous presence.

    Organic food is not better for one's physical health, although apparently has a great deal to do with mental health for some consumers. Imagination teamed with ignorance is a powerful force.

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    Well PotterB, the article is a little different than what I was originally thunk'n....my answer is still

    YES, when you are sick and starting to feel better, haven't you noticed how much better food tastes?

    Therefore, if someone from the medical profession gets you an antibiotic to feel better, that makes the food taste better...
    got it? Isn't that fact based science?

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