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Thread: Planting Tillage Radishes on Wheat Stubble and soybean residue

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    db51: KS is THE wheat state and C KS has planted continuous W forever. Some are getting into DC SB and some are getting into W-C. But, I would "guess" that C KS is still primarily W-W...and I don't mean summer fallow wheat either. Most used to try to disk it up to bury the tan spot and take all, but if rain kept them out of the field, they would simply BURN the stubble. They were smart enough not to no till continuous wheat into wheat stubble cuz the tan spot/take all would be a wreck. We used to joke about guys who bought a used tractor from C KS cuz they always smelled smoky inside...no matter how many air fresheners were dangling in the cab.

    You're going to spend $20-50/a for tillage radishes to break up compaction when you have a disk ripper????? Why don't you just fess up and admit that you don't want to jeopardize your PP payment cuz it requires a CC??????? If you would have put stocker steers on that lush grassy growth, or put a hay crop up, you would have made money, and still had the ground covered for your PP.

    You can't BS a BS'er. lol.
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    You are so full of sh1t. lmao. This isn't PP ground, it's SRW straw. You need to get up to speed dude....you're on the wrong farm. And Dennis with his no-till and wait ?? W T F?? How about those 10" deep ruts left from cutting the wheat in the mud...that would make a wonderful seed bed for planting corn next spring. You guys sure have plenty of advice with no facts to base your recommendations. lol

    One other thing... you might want to get a new supplier for your tillage radishes....Someone bent you over the counter big time on that purchase

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    While you are fking around tilling getting a seed bed, it could have been planted...AND waiting for rain to get'r up...
    sound like some kind of sex life

    10" tracks/ruts...NOw I understand why you got upset when you were told to get some real tractors, or equipment...
    those 10" ruts are probably pretty hard to push those toys through and up...need to get out of the sand box and off
    your knees and get a pedal tractor...of course in o.48"s part of the world, the kids bolt triples on their pedal tractors,
    rear wheels
    so they can talk like their daddys and neighbors...I got the biggest and mines the biggest...

    The the word disk comes up...and what do road construction companies use...to compact the road base..yes, water and a disk.

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