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Thread: Us house of reps passes a farm bill

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    Us house of reps passes a farm bill

    Farm Bill Squeaks By in Win for GOP Leaders

    By Matt FullerPosted at 3:42 p.m. July 11


    House GOP leaders took a gamble Thursday in bringing a farm bill without food stamps up for a vote, and it paid off — but just barely.

    The House passed the modified farm bill 216-208, inching across a 212 threshold with no Democrats voting in favor. Twelve Republicans also voted against the measure, but that was far short of the more than 60 who defected from leadership on a similar bill last month.

    In fact, the revised bill looked like it could suffer yet another surprise defeat, similar to that earlier measure — which included food stamp provisions that cut more than $20 billion from the program and which fell 195-234 a month ago.

    Before the vote, House Agriculture ranking member Collin C. Peterson, D-Minn., told CQ Roll Call, “I was told in the gym this morning they don’t have the votes and I just heard now they’re a couple votes short.”

    Conservative groups, such as the Club for Growth and Heritage Action for America, that opposed the original measure also opposed splitting the farm bill, in part because they believed the leadership’s maneuver was simply an attempt to get a bill to conference with the Senate, which has more generous food stamp provisions and fewer cuts to farm subsidies.

    Raging against the decision to split the bill and put the future of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program in jeopardy, Democrats delayed final passage for hours as they forced procedural votes to stall the process and to give themselves the opportunity to speak out against a measure.

    Emma Dumain contributed to this report.

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    I know Im repeating myselfe,but nobody reads my posts anyway,so here goes.
    Explain to me why the Government should write a check to ANYBODY. Not just farmers,anybody.
    Explain to me why the tea party says nothing about the farm program.
    Everyone is in a circle with handguns pointed at each other,their children and grandchildren in front of them,but they wont talk about putting their guns down unless the other gun holders do ,Fvk the children in the middle of this death circle,I want mine.
    A Conservative at the ballot box-a Liberal at the mail box

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    To prove someone is reading your posts, let me respond. To your biggest point about pointing guns at your children and grandchildren, the premise you begin with is false. The next generation isn't going to pay off the debt!They won't pay down the debt by even one dollar! They will collect the least amount of revenue(taxes) as possible and borrow the maximum from anyone around the world to roll the interest forward and spend the rest to grow the economy.Just as every generation before them.I could also argue your kids and grandkids will inhereit the biggest economy in the history of the world.Ask them if they want jobs and capitol to own their own businesses or a balanced budget.They can't have both!If I were king I could cut the "poor" investments out and borrow less but my idea of poor investments is someone elses idea of great investment.And besides, nobody wants a king especially me!That kind of covers your first point also. As to why the Tea Party doesn't oppose farm spending,you must always remember the leaders are old rich Republicans.(google Koch Bros. and Dick Army)Farmers are old white reasonably well off.They are Republican voters.The Tea Party leadership doesn't oppose gov. spending-they oppose dem. spending.If you don't think so,where were they when the size of federal gov. exploded upward under G.W.Bush. It only was a problem when a Dem. was elected!Deficeits was a huge issue in Bush's second campaign and the day after the election when a reporter asked V.P.Chaney about reducing spending he said "The American people don't give a damn about deficeits".And any reporter that asked about it got their access pulled from that day on.Not a peep from Republicans till a Democrat was elected!

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