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    New from ECIN International

    It brings me great joy to tell my friends - here at ag-web over our newest product line .

    Over the past few years as they say , social networking as gone big time as in Aw-Web and the other sites , this has lead to us posting , e-mailing and even talking to others on the phone , and this has lead to some small problems in dilect when talking on the phone to webbers across this country .

    So he at ECIN we have come up with a new , easy to use CD set of the language's of each state ! By now I know your asking yourself ECI , what is this CD set called --- right ? Well it's called Kenseta Rose !

    In just a few short day's after listening to Kenseta rose we can have you talking just like la345 ! you will be the hit of the coffee shop when you walk in and say to your friends , hey ya'all watch this ! and hey bubba did sha get any corn planted ? Also you will be able to talk to la345 for hours knowing everything he sez !

    Then there's the upper MI. CD ! In no time you will be say'n things like -- what you been doing -- A and hows the weather down there --- A

    We also have the OK , and TX CD ! this will help you to understand the slow western draw !

    And we can't forget our friends in Wisconsin ! things like , how about them Packers , and did you know Wisconsin makes the best cheese ----- even though it's shipped in from Iowa .

    We also have the MN CD don't worry if you don't here anything on it , that is what it's like talking to them !

    How about them old boy's in Iowa ??? things like my corn is a failure ! it only made 220 ! And ground is cheap out here it's only 14,000 an acre !

    Be"n this is the first day of the new Kenseta Rose CD set , we are offering the complete set of CD's for only 19.95 , but if you call in the next 5 minutes we will cut it in half ! that right fokes 50 precent off !!

    And as an added bonus we will throw in a CD of the funnest moment's on ag web . Plus my newest book out , ( Check out them nice Boobies ) for free !

    Don't be D-F-A ing around here , this is only good as supplies last

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    Hey Ken if I'd known you were callin to promote de new book this mernin Idda picked up da phone. Hey kin yo include the ECI spellin book wid every puchus?

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    A pronuncicatin' book? You're a life saver ECI!!! Does it come with a spellin' manual? Learning to understand Ag-webbers? what a good idea, I never made the connection. INstead of the 50% off, I want a better deal ,how about 2 for the price of one? R7

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    Sorry bins ! sence you DID"NT answer this morning I gave Roger-7 your copy of Nice boobies , LOL

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    ECI: We talked about this. But, speaking of boobies, where is db51's Exercise Thread? The Soy Checkoff is running a banner ad with "Pick A Chick." I rushed down to db's ET...and it's gone. I started doing a little research, and it's been gone since before Thanksgiving! W T F???? No wonder AW has been slow. Sooooo....since db51 doesn't have the kahunas to do it anymore....how about an Exercise Thread from ECIN...and I don't mean walking Dobies!!!!!!!!! lol.

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